Illusionist Jason Bishop

Original airdate 
Oct 17, 2017

Illusionist Jason Bishop opens the season for the Hillman Center for Performing Arts on October 21st. He uses more technology and a dry sense of humor than many entertainers in his field. Jason reveals his admiration for Harry Houdini and one of the most successful living entertainers, David Copperfield.  Jason likes the Primanti sandwich and looks forward to a return to the area when he will present his most elaborate stage production in a new setting.  Jason Bishop grew up in Pennsylvania. He doesn’t make a big deal of it but he was placed in an orphanage as a young person and inspires the people he meets with his creativity and ingenuity.  He laughs about being upstaged by a poodle but has the last laugh since he makes the poodle disappears. How does he do it?

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Series: Voice of the Arts