Dr. Rachel Berger

Original airdate 
Mar 24, 2021

Dr. Rachel Berger of UPMC Children's Hospital knows Julius Rudel the conductor as her grandfather. On the occasion of his centennial, she remembers Julius Rudel's work at New York City Opera and with Opera Theater of Pittsburgh, growing up with Beverly Sills around the house and loving Mozart. What would Julius Rudel like to be remembered for and what was the secret of his longevity be having pursued a love of music to 93? Dr. Berger also fills us in on the latest music makes you smarter research, addresses burn out in the field of child advocacy and medicine and suggests how we'll get back to concerts as the pandemic lets go. Dr. Berger describes her latest research. She serves as Division Director, Child Advocacy and Professor of Pediatrics and Cinical and Transitional Science Director Child Abuse Research, Safar Center for Resuscitation Research at the University of Pittsburgh as well as Chief, Division of of Child Advocacy UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh and she teaches at Duquesne University School of Nursing when she isn't practicing the flute.

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