Cellist Inbal Segev Interview - Volume 2

Original airdate 
Oct 4, 2021

Cellist Inbal Segev is commissioning and recording 20 chamber music works to capture all that happened in the year 2020. The recordings are being released in four volumes, and in this conversation with Katie Brill she describes the five works on Volume 2:


1. Viet Cuong: Room to Move for cello octet

2. Avner Dorman: Elegy for the Victims of Indifference for cello and accordion

3. Vijay Iyer: The Window for cello and piano

4. Christopher Cerrone: The Pleasure at Being the Cause for cello and piano

5. Angélica Negrón: Ruta Panorámica for cello, bandoneón and electronics

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