Alice Culin Ellison & Liza Malamut - Incantare

Original airdate 
Sep 23, 2021

The Baroque ensemble of strings and sackbuts Incantare join Chatham Baroque to form a baroque orchestra playing "The Glories of Venice," with music by Gabrieli and other 16th and early 17th century composers. Violinist Alice Culin Ellison joined Liza Malamut who plays sackbut to talk about their visit to Calvary Episcopal Church Saturday and Sunday September 25th and 26th. They talk about the sackbut and its similarity to the trombone; Gabrieli; Venice; getting the balance just right; women in the brass world; Liza taking on the job of Director at the Newbery Consort; a book on the way; and great houseplants that thrive while listening to Gabrieli in this conversation with Jim Cuningham.  

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