Pittsburgh Symphony on Tour

Jim Cunningham reports daily at 8:30 am and 5:30 pm from the PSO's domestic and international tours.

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A Wrap Up from Bregenz - May 31, 2016

Jim Cunningham recaps the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra's concert at the Festival House in Bregenz. Jim talks to Manfred Honeck's son Manuel Honeck; the State Cultural Chief of Austria; the Vice Governor of Bregenz; and visits the Wolfegg Castle.

William Caballero in Vienna - May 28, 2016

Jim Cunningham talks with Principal Horn William Caballero after the 2nd concert at the Musikverein. Bill talks about performing the Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5 with it's significant horn part in the 2nd movement.

A conversation with Leonidas Kavakos - May 28, 2016

Jim Cunningham chats with violinist Leonidas Kavakos about the Alban Berg Violin Concerto he's performing with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, as well as his very busy schedule the next couple of months.

Principal Harp Gretchen van Hoesen in Vienna - May 27, 2016

Jim Cunningham has a conversation with Prinicipal Harp Gretchen van Hoesen about being in Vienna and playing at the Musikverein.

A conversation with Florian Partl - May 27, 2016

Jim Cunningham files this live report from a cafe in Vienna. He chats with Manfred Honeck's brother in law Florian Partl.

Austrian Radio host Gerhard Hafner and Violinist Lorein Hart - May 27, 2016

Jim Cunningham files a live report backstage during intermssion from the Musikverein in Vienna. He talks to Host Gerhard Hafner of ORF Radio, who broadcast the concert live in Vienna, and you heard on WQED-FM. He also chats with violinist Lorien Hart.

A chat with Melia Tourangeau in Vienna - May 26, 2016

Jim Cunningham files this live report with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra's President and CEO Melia Tourangeau. They just arrived in Vienna and Ms. Tourangeau gives her impressions of the tour so far and even hints at a tour in 2017.

Arriving in Frankfurt - May 25, 2016

Jim Cunningham reports live from the Frankfurt airport, where the orchestra just arrived. Noah Bendix-Balgley talks about how the tour is going so far.

Chad Winkler talks about their Frankfurt Concert - May 25, 2016

Jim Cunningham files a live report immediately after the concert in Frankfurt. PSO trumpet Chad Winkler talks to Jim about the concert, the busy travel schedule, and how he is looking forward to the concerts in Vienna.

A Visit to Terezin - May 24, 2016

Jim Cunningham reports live from Terezin, in the Czech Republic. It was an off day for the orchestra, so many musicians toured Terezin. The Clairon Quartet, which is made up of members of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra are playing a concert at Terezin as well. Jim Cunningham talked to Penny Brill, Paul Silver and his daughter Sarah Silver about the tour of Terezin.