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Beth Dolinar - "A Season to Remember" - Oct 15, 2021

Emmy Award winning producer and journalist Beth Dolinar and Jim Cunningham preview her latest  WQED special "A Season to Remember: The Baseball Boys of Mon City" airing Thursday October 21 at 8pm and Monday October 25 at 7:30pm. It was 1952 when the team from Monongehela made it to the final game of the Little League series. There is tragedy, redemption, summer baseball atmosphere, life lessons and Beth throws a few pitches herself as captured by photographers Raul Ruggeri and Dave Forstate.  Along with her productions at WQED, Beth Dolinar is known widely for her work at WTAE and you can read her blog in the Washington Pa Observer Reporter. 

Lance Jones - "Stories from the Igloo" - Oct 15, 2021

"Stories From the Igloo: Pittsburgh's Civic Arena" is the new book chronicling the many amazing events at the now gone former home of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Civic Light Opera. Lance Jones joins Jim Cunningham to discuss his contribution of two chapters and tackles the question of how often the roof opened and what made it such a challenge. Along with 11 visits of Bruce Springsteen and a puzzled visit by Kenny Loggins when he noticed folks had their arms folded on their snack and drink tables or Bob Dylan observing that his fans "were eating cheese" at their tables in the Civic Arena, Lance has additional gossip dished by Tinsy Labrie, the former head of PR for the Pittsburgh Symphony. The book is published by History Press and available now with contributions from Chirs Fletcher, former topper at Pittsburgh Magazine, and the Association of Gentlemen of Pittsburgh Journalists.  Lance Jones recently retired from his job as Account Representative at WQED having spent years in Pittsburgh in various management roles for Live Nation (and its predecessors) including general manager of Star Lake Amphitheater.

Afa Dworkin - Sphinx Virtuosi - Oct 6, 2021

Afa Dworkin is the President and Artistic Director of Sphinx Virtuosi arriving in Pittsburgh for Chamber Music Pittsburgh on October 11th at Carnegie Music Hall. The group has worked boldly for inclusion of African Americans and Lantinx musicians over the past 25 years. Their programs are innovative and mind expanding. Afa speaks with Jim Cunningham about the Tracing Visions program and the work that remains to be done.

James Gourlay - 40th Anniversary Season of the River City Brass - Oct 5, 2021

WQED-FM's Jim Cunningham spoke with River City Brass Artistic and General Director James Gourlay about their upcoming 40th Season of concerts.  After 18 months, the Brass returns to in person concerts.  James talks about their upcoming season and much more.  

Harpischordist Arthur Haas - Oct 5, 2021

Bach’s last published word on keyboard playing, the Goldberg Variations are a brilliant display of compositional command and stylistic inventiveness, coupled with an unprecedented, acrobatic virtuosity and flat out humor.  Arthur Haas will perform the Variations this Saturday (October 9th), 8pm at Calvary Episcopal Church as part of the Chatham Baroque and Renaissance and Baroque concert series.  WQED-FM's Anna Singer spoke with the harpsichordist about the work and being back in Pittsburgh.  

Tracy Baton and Wesley Speary - Oct 4, 2021

The City of Pittsburgh Commission on Human Relations is accepting submissions for their Youth Creative Arts Contest from October 1-31. Katie Brill learns the details of the contest and how it engages Pittsburgh's young people in this conversation with Tracy Baton, a Vice Chair of the Human Relations Commission, and Wesley Speary, Deputy Director of the Human Relations Commission.

Cellist Inbal Segev Interview - Volume 2 - Oct 4, 2021

Cellist Inbal Segev is commissioning and recording 20 chamber music works to capture all that happened in the year 2020. The recordings are being released in four volumes, and in this conversation with Katie Brill she describes the five works on Volume 2:


1. Viet Cuong: Room to Move for cello octet

2. Avner Dorman: Elegy for the Victims of Indifference for cello and accordion

3. Vijay Iyer: The Window for cello and piano

4. Christopher Cerrone: The Pleasure at Being the Cause for cello and piano

5. Angélica Negrón: Ruta Panorámica for cello, bandoneón and electronics

Dave Rankin - Central Presbyterian Church of Tarentum - Oct 1, 2021

Dave Rankin is the organizer of the concert series at Central Prebyterian Church in Tarentum Pa. He speaks with Jim Cunningham about the return of the 6 program series after the year and a half break for the pandemic. Todo Tango features the Academy Chamber Ensemble led by Warren Davidson, violin at 7pm on October 10. The concerts are free with a goodwill offering plate near the entrance. Dave explains how the pandemic affected the community and the church, with some history of the historic structure, it's organ and stained glass windows as well as the work being done to help Tarentum grow and flourish.

Maria Sensi Sellner - Resonance Works - Oct 1, 2021

Maria Sensi Sellner talks about Decameron Opera Coalition's presentation of "Heroes", seven world premiere opera short films presented in three episodes, all framed by original art songs by Hilliard and Boresi, featuring renowned soprano Karen Slack, mezzo-soprano Tesia Kwarteng, tenor Javier Abreu, and baritone John Castillo.  Maria spoke with WQED-FM's Anna Singer.

Paul Fireman - Sep 29, 2021

Paul Fireman talks with WQED-FM's Jim Cunningham about the "What's the Point" 5K, which takes place at Westinghouse Park on Saturday October 9th at noon.