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Alejandro Pinzon - "Maestro Tango" - Dec 27, 2019

Conductor Alejandro Pinzon stopped by WQED-FM to chat with Jim Cunningham about being in Pittsburgh and his interest in spreading tango in the community.  



Bell'Art Ensemble - December 2019 - Dec 20, 2019

The Bell'Art ensemble perform their holiday concert this Saturday, 7:30pm at Third Presbyterian Church located at Fifth and Negley Avenues in Shadyside, and Sunday, 4pm at First Presbyterian Church in Beaver on College Avenue. Listen for a preview with live performances from the QED morning show.

Rick Sebak - Nebby: My Seven Weeks in Magee - Dec 19, 2019

Nebby: "My Seven Weeks in Magee" is Rick Sebak's eighth and last Nebby show of the year. He shares his time spent there in August 2018 recovering from a quadricep tendon rupture. The new show is on WQED on Thursday night (12/19) at 8pm.

Yinzer Yuletide - Dec 19, 2019

Yinzer Yuletide: WQED's Rick Sebak hosts Pittsburgh Lights & Legends as part of Pittsburgh Public Theater's Yinzer Yuletide celebration. A Christmas Variety show in the Perry Como tradition. The show features local performers including rocker Josh Verbanets, Broadway legend Lenora Nemetz, jazz vocalist Etta Cox, YouTube ukulele guy Ben Prisbylla, 7-year-old opera star Victory Brinker, musical director Nick Stamatakis, and tall thin juggler O'Ryan Arrowroot. Including tonight, the event is held until December 22 at the O'Reilly Theater. For tickets, visit ppt.org/yinzeryuletide. 

RAD Interview - Joan Murdoch and Terri Denmon - Tuesday Musical Club - Dec 19, 2019

Learn all about the Tuesday Musical Club from Joan Murdoch and Terri Denmon.  They talk to WQED-FM's Joanna Li about the history of the club, their upcoming performances and the importance of RAD funding to their organization.


Yang Jin - Dec 18, 2019

Yang Jin is a pipa performer based here in Pittsburgh. She has performed with ensembles like the Silk Road Ensemble and Afro Yaqui, and she recently created her new initiative, Yang Jin and Friends. Reputed as the leading pipa soloist of her generation, Yang Jin tells us more about the instrument, her upcoming performances, and her recent collaborations -- and she even plays some music for us. Hear it all on our new Voice of the Arts podcast!

Fred Brown - The Forbes Funds - Dec 18, 2019

WQED-FM's Steven Carter has a conversation with his mentor Fred Brown, President and CEO of The Forbes Funds.