Ruzich Recaps Friedman - Oct 14, 2010

Robert Morris University's Dr. Connie Ruzich recaps Thomas Friedman's remarks at Heinz Hall for the Pittsburgh Speakers Series. The New York Times columnist and three-time Pulitzer Prize winner addresses America's future in a world he envisions as "Hot, Flat, and Crowded."

Joan Sutherland Remembered - Oct 12, 2010

Pittsburgh Opera's Christopher Hahn remembers "La Stupenda", the great Australian coloratura soprano Joan Sutherland, who fostered a revival of the bel canto style, and visited Pittsburgh in 1986 and 1998.

Ken Burns' Baseball: The 10th Inning - Sep 29, 2010

Emmy-winning filmmaker Ken Burns talks about the followup to his 1994 9-part PBS series. The story arc includes the Pirates' Barry Bonds and steroids, the 1994 baseball strike, the role of money, and the great players who restored the fans' love of the game.

Thomas Friedman - Sep 27, 2010

His background as a reporter for The New York Times and his expertise in the Middle East led this three-time Pulitzer Prize winner to pen The Lexus and the Olive Tree, The World Is Flat and, most recently, Hot, Flat and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution - and How It Can Renew America.

PA Governor's Conference for Women - Sep 10, 2010

The 7th annual PA Governor's Conference for Women is coming to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center on Oct. 14th. Leslie Stiles, Executive Director of the PA Commission for Women, tells Jim Cunningham about the keynote speakers, sessions, and other reasons to attend this event. (WQED Multimedia is Media Sponsor for this year's conference.)

Christopher O'Riley with son Conor - Aug 23, 2010

QED 89.3 intern Conor O'Riley interviews his dad, Christopher O'Riley, host of NPR's "From the Top." Chris talks about his summer 2010 performances, the Beatles, Radiohead, his memories of Andy Warhol, the future of From the Top and classical music.

Arts Festival Update - Artists Market - Jun 9, 2010

Over 300 artists display their works at the festival. A second wave of artists provides a new experience on festival's Wednesday midpoint. We'll meet a watercolor artist who found a taste for the bizarre, a photographer who travels the world to highlight forgotten peoples and places captured in breathtaking color, and the creator of the festival's official poster.

Arts Festival Update - Art of Technology - Jun 9, 2010

Coordinated by the Pittsburgh Technology Council, The Art of Technology contains ingenious interactive works from Pittsburgh pop painter Burton Morris, CMU's cute Keepon robot, Terry Gilliam-like assemblages of vintage parts, a Pittsburgh map made of working circuits, and a printed circuit where the chips themselves were inked to leave an image on paper.

Arts Festival Update - Going Green - Jun 7, 2010

Through artists using and promoting reuseable and recycled materials, and Green Team members stationed at waste collection bins as part of the festival's Zero-Waste Initiative, the Three Rivers Arts Festival is one big, green event.

Arts Festival Update - Attack Theatre - Jun 4, 2010

Commissioned by the Three Rivers Arts Festival and Gateway to the Arts, R.A.M is a contemporary dance work that tells a story of RAM and his frantic rush to recover lost memories. When his circuits crash, RAM relies on his friends URL, Surge, Giga, and Flash to help reformat the scrambled bits and bytes of his past.