Classical Crossroads

Where classical music crosses paths with rock and roll, world music, folk music and jazz. As Duke Ellington said, "There are only two types of music: good music and the other stuff." Listen to interviews with people who make good music here.

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Herbie Hancock - Oct 30, 2014

Jazz keyboardist, bandleader and composer Herbie Hancock was a primary architect of the "post-bop" sound as a member of Miles Davis's Second Great Quintet, and developed electronic jazz-funk fusion on his landmark album, Headhunters. Hancock's creative blend of jazz, blues, and modern classical music has harmonic stylings much like the styles of Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel. Hancock talks with Jim Cunningham.

Gino Vannelli - May 19, 2014

WQED-FM's Jim Cunningham talked to Gino Vannelli about his illustrious career and his love of classical music.

Hugh Masekela - Mar 30, 2014

Trumpeter, flugelhornist, cornetist, composer and singer Hugh Masekela popularized music from his native South Africa in the 1968 hit "Grazing in the Grass" and later on Paul Simon's Graceland tour, which helped to focus attention on apartheid. Masekela has shared the stage with icons of pop and jazz, and studied classical trumpet in the US. He spoke with QED's Jim Cunningham just before a March 30 Pittsburgh concert in the week of his 75th birthday.

Sean Neukom - Jan 15, 2014

Composer and drummer Sean Neukom is a co-founder of Symbiotic Collusion, a contemporary music "brand" best known for its Freya String Quartet, which performs in the world premiere of Neukom's chamber-rock song cycle "The Ghost & Mister Able." Neukom talks about his latest work and the concepts behind Symbiotic Collusion.