Classical Crossroads

Where classical music crosses paths with rock and roll, world music, folk music and jazz. As Duke Ellington said, "There are only two types of music: good music and the other stuff." Listen to interviews with people who make good music here.

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Winifred Horan - Sep 14, 2013

Winifred Horan, violinist of the Irish-American folk group Solas, talks with WQED donor Jim Shock. The New York-born Ms. Horan talks about the latest album from Solas, titled "Shamrock City," and about her start in traditional Irish music and later classical training.

Kerry Livgren of Kansas - Aug 12, 2013

Guitarist, keyboardist, singer and songwriter Kerry Livgren of the American progressive rock band Kansas wrote their two biggest hits, "Carry On My Wayward Son" and "Dust in the Wind." WQED listener and donor Jim Shock asks Livgren about his musical influences and about Kansas' planned reunion at a "40th Anniversary Fan Appreciation Concert" in Pittsburgh.

Cello Fury - Jul 23, 2013

Pittsburgh's touring cello-rock group Cello Fury has performed at SXSW, won several Battle of the Bands events, and has had works written for them by classical composers. Cello Fury members talk about music education, and their new CD titled "Symphony of Shadows."

California Guitar Trio - Jul 8, 2013

Since studying with rock guitar legend Robert Fripp, the California Guitar Trio has maintained a diverse repertoire and a devotion the New Standard Tuning. They perform and record a mix of original compositions, surf covers, and classical re-workings of classical music. Before an appearance in Pittsburgh, they talked with WQED's Jim Cunningham and played two Bach classics plus some acoustic surf guitar.

Barry Manilow - Apr 5, 2013

Barry Manilow talks with WQED-FM's Jim Cunningham in April, 2013.

Carl Palmer - Mar 27, 2013

Carl Palmer, drummer of the '70s progressive rock supergroup Emerson, Lake & Palmer talks about the band, which turned Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition and other classical masterpieces by Copland, Sibelius, Tchaikovsky into favorites with rock fans. Palmer tells QED's Jim Cunningham about the drummers that influenced him and about his recent work and touring.

Sandra Feketija of Perpetuum Jazzile - Mar 19, 2013

Sandra Feketija, alto, soloist, and assistant music director of Perpetuum Jazzile, the pop-oriented Slovenian choir, talks with WQED-FM listener/member Jim Shock.

Carrie Rodriguez - Feb 28, 2013

QED donor Jim Shock interviews Mexican-American singer-songwriter and fiddle player Carrie Rodriguez.

Jann Klose - Jan 9, 2013

Jim Cunningham interviews German-born pop singer-songwriter Jann Klose, who was raised in Kenya, South Africa, Germany and northeast Ohio.

Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul & Mary - Jan 9, 2013

Folk singer Peter Yarrow continues to perform with Noel Paul Stookey after the death of their colleague and friend, Mary Travers. Before a concert at Chautuaqua Institution on July 27, 2012, Yarrow talked with QED's Jim Cunningham. Yarrow spoke about his early classical music training, his new book, the origin of Puff the Magic Dragon, and more.