Portrait Provided by Family

Robert J. Bayham

Dayton OH
Date of Portrait 
The Bayham Family is truly thankful for the positive impact that Elizabeth Black had on our father and other service members during World War II. Our father proudly displayed a smaller copy of his Elizabeth Black sketch at veteran displays without telling us the story of who created it. Our father had already served in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater and experienced the 7 December 1941 attacks on Pearl Harbor and Wheeler Army Airfield before he deployed to the European Theater in 1943. His sketch session with Elizabeth likely occurred in England before his detachment was able to deploy to northern France following the breakout of Normandy. The iconic ball cap worn by our father in the sketch is also worn in a similar manner to photos taken in the same time period. With the efforts of Elizabeth, her family, David Solomon and the staff at WQED in Pittsburgh, this tremendous story is now complete. Thanks again for keeping the legacy of Elizabeth Black and our father Robert Bayham alive for future generations. - The Bayham Family, July 31, 2020.
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