Writers Contest

2013 Writers Contest Winners

Congratulations to our 2013 Writers Contest Winners! To explore a story, click on the illustrations below to watch the videos.

Vic the Chick

Caitlin J, Kindergarten
First Place

Shiney Dolphin and Cutey Cat Play all Day

Savana L, Kindergarten
Second Place

Brave Animals on the Farm

Rakshitha M, Kindergarten
Third Grade

Too Fancy, Miss Mouse!

Chloe M, Kindergarten
Honorable Mention

Princess Lila’s Adventure

Ava Z, Kindergarten
Honorable Mention

Little Possom’s Adventure

Cricket B, First Grade
First Place
Third Place in National PBS Kids Writers Contest

The Adventures of Me and My Dog Gizmo

Sophia K, First Grade
Second Place

Mr. Meask, Beak and the Little Bird

Ava P, First Grade
Third Place

If I Ran the Circus

Griffin S, First Grade
Honorable Mention
Winner of the 2013 Kids’ Choice Award

The Three Shark Detectives and the Missing Clown Fish

Alexander S, First Grade
Honorable Mention

Dan’s Exciting Night

Tharun S, First Grade
Honorable Mention

Willie and Hannah

Haruka D, Second Place
First Place
First Place in National PBS Kids Writers Contest

A Snake Tale

Liam E, Second Grade
Second Place

The Lonely Tractor

Alyssa H, Second Grade
Third Place

Planet Gumdrop

Jack S, Second Grade
Honorable Mention

Scooter’s Dig Through Time

Rebecca W, Second Grade
Honorable Mention


Mia L, Second Grade
Honorable Mention

BFFs Forever

Marlana H, Third Grade
First Grade

Soccer Sleuth and the Missing Playbook

Keller D, Third Grade
Second Place

Bloggermouth 360

Kaylie H, Third Grade
Third Place

Nita Light’s Crash

Lizzy S, Third Grade
Honorable Mention

The Case of the Missing Peacocks

Isabella P, Third Grade
Honorable Mention

Little Red Agent Hood

Cayden W, Third Grade
Honorable Mention