EDU Hero

WQED Education is bringing the classroom — and the fun  to you! Watch and learn with our collection of stay-at-home videos full of stories, activities, cooking, and more!

Teachable Moments

Local educators present learning experiences around the house and neighborhood for young learners and families.

Amanda Stein, a summer camp counselor at South Hills Interfaith Movement, builds an obstacle course in her driveway using chalk and some items she found around her house.

Will Tolliver Jr., Early Learning Expert and PBS Kids Early Learning Champion, takes a walk outdoors to find and gather natural materials.

Jasmine Hamilton, a middle school science teacher at Propel McKeesport demonstrates a cool scientific phenomenon using a bottle of water and a homemade freezer.

Joe DiLucente and Susan McKeever, from the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit, select a letter of the alphabet and then find things around their homes that start with that letter.

Joe Welch, North Hills Middle School American History and Social Studies teacher, shows how a neighborhood walk observing street name signs can lead to a history lesson.

Reading & Activities

Enjoy these fun stories and activities that you can try at home from our team and your favorite PBS Kids characters!
We're so excited about the 2020 Summer Reading Program from our partners, ACLA Youth Services!

ACLA Summer Series | Xylophone

Enjoy this amazing video from Miss Liz and learn all about sounds, notes, and pitch and make an amazing water xylophone!

ACLA Summer Series | Hummingbird Feeder

Learn about super powers and nature while you make your own hummingbird feeder!

ACLA Summer Series | Bubbles

Learn all about super powers and science with this hommade bubble activitiy!

ACLA Summer Series | Geometric Mod Art

Learn all about shapes (geometry) through art and imagination like Peg + Cat!

ACLA Summer Series | Bioluminescence

Learn about bioluminescence with Liz from WQED Education!

ACLA Summer Series | Moon Rocks

Enjoy this amazing video from Miss Liz and learn all about the moon!

ACLA Summer Series | Chinese Rattle Drum

Join Liz as she makes this toy that originated in China, became popular and is still used today!

Reading Wednesday | Stumped

Liz is back to read you a 2018 Writer's Contest winning story from our friend Connor, followed by a fun activity!

Reading Wednesday | The Sun and the Moon

Hear a story from our friend Rocco - a 2017 Writer's Contest winner - and learn how to make your own moon journal!

Reading Wednesday | Beautiful Bella

Liz K. reads you a wonderful story about a very kind butterfly. You can even make your own beautiful butterfly!

Nature Cat Activities

Cathy C., Director of Education Programs, has a fun, educational activity that you can do at home with your little ones!

Marble Run Craft

Watch as WQED EDU's Gina, Vin, and Mark the Engineer figure out how to make their marbles RUN!

Reading Wednesday | Grandma Pig's Pizza

Liz K reads a story written by Nikolai, a 2014 Writer's Contest winner, followed by a recipe for trail mix!

Reading Wednesday | Henry's First Itch

Hear a wonderful story written by our good friend, Elly- a winning story from the 2015 WQED Writer's Contest.

Reading Wednesday | Super Magnet

Liz. K. is reading an award-winning story from our 2018 Writer's Contest! Followed by a fun magnet activity!

Chinese Rattle Drum

Make a Chinese rattle drum with Liz from WQED Education!

Reading Wednesday | Blades the Skate

WQED EDU team member, Liz K., reads this delightful Pittsburgh story followed by a complimenting, fun activity!

Backyard Bird Feeder

Bri M., from WQED EDU, with the help of her daughters, walk you through creating a bird feeder from upcylced materials from around your house.

Family Style

WQED Education is your classroom at home, even in the kitchen!

Ice Cream

Sam and Sofia teach you how to make a fun, simple - and most importantly - TASTY homemade ice cream dish!


Our favorite kitchen due is back, and up early, to make two delicious breakfast snacks with you!


Sam and Sofia show you how to make two of their favorite quick and tasty treats!

Chicken Noodle Soup

Some foods are just good for the soul. And with that in mind, Sam & Sofia are back with their spin on a comfort food classic!

Pasta Fagioli

Our favorite kitchen duo, Sam and Sofia, are back! And this time, Sofia is preparing Pasta Fagioli!

No-Knead Bread

We know you'll absoutely love this no-fuss, no-knead bread recipe! Download Recipe