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Sleazy lawyers, Mafia Dons, romance in the sun… What could be funnier? Jeffrey Binder’s riotous Godfather twist on the Moliere comedy, Scapin, set in Naples (Florida, not Italy) set box office records last year at the Gulfshore Playhouse. The Naples Daily News calls Scapino “richly funny, a bold creative stroke of theatrical genius.” Leo is in love with Feather and Octavio is in love with Chloe but their fathers, rival mafia bosses, have other plans in mind. Hilarity ensues as the two young men look to their crafty servant, Scapino, a disbarred lawyer, to help them dupe their fathers into a grand scheme. In this bada-bing twist on Molière’s classic comedy, no one knows who will end up married and who will end up whacked! The cast includes Jeffrey Binder, Phillip Taratula, David Whalen, Ethan Saks, Sarah Silk, Morgan Snowden, and Jack Lafferty. Sumptuous scenery by Johnmichael Bohach, witty costumes by Kim Brown, and a sublime wedding dance choreographed by Hester Kamin make this a visual feast to match Binder’s hilarious text. A summertime treat for the whole family, Scapino plays July 11-28, 2019 in the downstairs Henry Heymann Theatre located in the Stephen Foster Memorial on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh in Oakland.

Tickets cost $20-$45 dollars.



Henry Heymann Theatre

4301 Forbes Ave., Oakland

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