PGH Photo Fair: Speaker Series Talk with David Kronn and Tristan Lund

Wed, Jun 30 2021 at 6:00 pm

What are the links that exist between photographing struggles and communicating a sense of hope? In recent years, David Kronn began collecting images of conflict in Northern Ireland in the latter half of the 20th century. These photographs show how the events in Northern Ireland were not an isolated struggle, but demonstrates universal themes of power, suffering, and our need for community.

David Kronn has been collecting photography for over twenty five years. An Irish born American living in New York, David has recently focused his collecting on the documentation of Ireland’s civil conflict known as The Troubles (c.1968-1998).

His extraordinary collection is a promised gift to the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin which is now exhibiting Northern Light, it’s third installment from David’s collection.

Join us as we hear from David Kronn and his collecting advisor Tristan Lund about this collection. We will start the evening with a virtual tour led by David. From there David will share his passion for particular photographers, his motivations and stories as a collector of photojournalism and documentary photography and explain why he feels a sense of urgency to collect this work now. 


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Visual Art