Fives Stages of Grief - Classical Guitar

Fri, Dec 02 2022 at 7:00 pm



    My name is Ross Heastings.  I am Pittsburgh musician, educator and business owner.  Recently, I have completed a collection of original compositions for guitar, inspired by my personal struggle and perseverance through loss, grief, addiction and mental health.  This letter to you is an invitation to my concert, “Fives Stages of Grief”, a musical exploration of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’ model.  Any offering of support through representation, literature, or any other means would only benefit the purpose of a collection consciousness to heal through music.  Just being there makes a difference.


    These five original pieces were inspired by my own personal experiences with clinical depression and my continuous effort in 7 years recovery.  The loss of my step-father  to lung cancer at 62 prompted the idea to transform this part of the human experience into an art form  with the hopes that others may find solace in the music.  These five pieces were written in the hopes that they may help others overcome the challenges in their lives.   title of these compositions is called “The Fives Stages of Grief”.


    The structure of these compositions uses traditional and unconventional techniques such as Shöenberg’s 12-tone row, altered tunings, and asymmetrical time signatures.  This work pushes boundaries sonically and spiritually urging emotions from the listener through personal and aural reflection.


    The concert will also offer five poetry readings from local poets and community members.  The concert will conclude with a raffle drawing for mental health inspired prizes.  Who doesn’t love a raffle?


    Participation from local mental health agencies would illuminate the mission of this event.  Gathering support is no easy task. You can support this event by offering information, literature, contact information, or perhaps speaking on behalf of your organization and how those in need can find you.


    Below is the information for the event as well as my personal contact information.  Please reach out.  I look forward to seeing you at the concert!



Ross M. Heastings

(412) 860-4255



Slate Studios

 2517 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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