Country Music

In celebration of Ken Burns' new documentary series, "Country Music", WQED is showcasing some of the Pittsburgh region's favorite country, Americana and folk artists. From local icon Slim Bryant, to the contemporary sounds of today's performers - we hope you enjoy this unique genre that has emerged as America's music.

Country Music Clips

A special preview of this exciting series. Meet the filmmakers, go behind the scenes, and enjoy exclusive clips from the films.

Garth Brooks revolutionized country music performances with his energetic, rock-inspired concerts. His approach took country music to new heights of popularity.

WQED Specials

Concert for a Landmine-Free World

The legendary Emmylou Harris organized this country and folk concert tour with the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation. WQED captured highlights of the Pittsburgh performance.

Live from Nied's Hotel

Country performer Slim Forsythe weaves viewers through this engaging, musical program in Pittsburgh's Lawrenceville neighborhood.

WQED Sessions

Beagle Brothers

Paul Luc

The Stickers

The Early Mays

Molly Alphabet

The Armadillos

Arlo Aldo

Ferdinand the Bull