Teamwork During Tough Times

Image of David SolomonIn March 2020, like thousands of media organizations, WQED found itself facing a major challenge. How would we continue delivering quality content to our viewers amid a pandemic? Masks, social distancing, and sanitizers were the new normal. Add to that, the many uncertainties involving the infectious nature of COVID-19.

Just days into the crisis came a call to deliver a series of robotics video classes to high school students. The deadline was “yesterday.” Our building was closed. Our editing facilities were shut down. Our camera people had not yet ventured into the public. Still, The Robot Doctor was born.

The WQED team rallied, collaborating with the Pittsburgh-based technology firm, RobotWits. There could be no boardroom planning meetings. No on location filming. No sharing information while passing in the WQED hallways. No gathering in the edit room to jointly critique and enhance the videos.

Videographer Frank Caloiero virtually coached our host Dr. Jonathan Butzke on how to shoot his own video lessons as Dr. Butzke stood in front of a makeshift green screen in one of his bedrooms. Scripts and re-writes flew back and forth via email and phone conversations. Using home equipment, design manager Paula Zetter, with support from Ryne DeCaprio provided a beautifully creative graphics treatment. Beth Dolinar did voice over work – recorded on a phone in her acoustically-friendly car. Amy Grove jumped hurdles to edit each episode without the “comforts” of WQED’s editing suite technology, supported by Ash Warren, Aidan McGarvey and Anne Casper – with stunning results.

The list of many others who supported this project is a long one. But nobody is looking for credit. Our common goal was to get robotics lessons into the homes of students, many of whom do not have the luxury of internet service. Now in distribution throughout Pennsylvania, The Robot Doctor is an important lesson in teamwork during the toughest of times. It remains a remarkable memory for me – of our collaboration with RobotWits, and the talent and goodwill of my WQED colleagues.

David Solomon
Vice President, Production & Programming

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, WQED's Local Production team faced significant challenges in producing, shooting and editing new video content. But creative, resourceful and inventive qualities peaked. The staff's remarkable output surged into new areas, including significant inroads in high-quality "learning at home" education videos and fresh approaches to COVID-19 coverage.

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