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Mildred S. Myers

Dr. Mildred S. Myers
Chair, WQED Board of Directors
Teaching Professor of Management Communication Emerita
Tepper School of Business
Carnegie Mellon University

Debra Caplan and David Levenson MD

From having our first date in high school, taping a classical music performance at WQED, to Debra serving as its Board Chair (2011-2014), WQED has always held a special place in our hearts. But it became even more important during the pandemic by serving as a lens to the world for us and our entire family. There are so many examples of incredible content that informed, and entertained us. Without daycare being available for many months, our granddaughter enjoyed and benefitted from so many children’s programs (Sesame Street, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Molly of Denali and Let’s go Luna, among otherswhich were educational and enjoyable. My husband has always been an FM Classical Music fan, but it has been especially meaningful to listen to WQED FM and the soothing voice of Jim Cunningham during this period. The partnership between WQED and the PSO with the Symphony on the Air Series, Pittsburgh Symphony Radio, and Jim’s role as a “musical guide”for the PSO’s digital “ Front Row” performances has been an important connection for us. Lastly, Masterpiece Theatre and many PBS programs have and continue to educate and entertain us. But the WQED national production of Harbor from the Holocaust really stood out this year as an exemplar of what makes this organization so outstanding. The historical significance of the story, the story’s connection to Shanghai and Pittsburgh, and the importance of telling this story -all made this documentary a compelling work that shed a new light on this difficult period in the history of our world.

Thank you WQED for all you did during the pandemic to broaden our world, and for all you do every day to enlighten and educate us.

Debra Caplan
(Retired) Senior Vice President
Allegheny General Hospital

Lisa Donovan

In a small corner apartment at Redstone Highlands in Murrysville, Carl Schlenke has spent the pandemic year acquiescing to whatever was required. Cancelling celebrations when he turned 90 in June. Picking up meals in the dining hall and eating them in his room. Watching Mass on his computer. Exercising by walking empty hallways and stairwells. But his enjoyment of WQED-FM did not change. Jim Cunningham continues to be the first voice he hears each morning. Throughout the day, the music anchors him to what remains. An engineer and Carnegie Tech grad, Carl also enjoyed reading about the temporary antennae problems that silenced WQED-FM. As he ruminates about radio waves and math and music, this interruption was of great interest. He remembers back in the day when WQED went silent with each sunset. “I have enjoyed WQED since its beginnings,” he says, and that enjoyment continues.

As told by WQED Board member and Carl Schlenke niece, Lisa Donovan

Image of Carl Schlenke

A photo of Carl Schlenke

Robert McCutcheon

Robert McCutcheon
Chair, WQED Business, Finance & Operations Committee
Owner and President
Vault Recording Studio LLC and Vault Records LLC
Retired Managing Partner
Price Waterhouse Cooper

Inez K. Miles

Inez Miles headshotOne of my primary go to survival tools in the COVID-19 quarantine period was hands down WQED-TV.  In order to maintain my mental health I engaged in news avoidance from time to time.  However, when I felt the need to check to see if the world order had come to an end my go to news source was The PBS NewsHour and BBC World News for balanced reporting.  The PBS  journalists delivered calm, measured reporting in contrast to some other media sources.  CREATE programs provided an escape and an opportunity to learn interesting new things in the bargain!  For better or worse the cooking shows were very soothing and gave me ideas and new recipes to try - Cook's Country; Lidia's Kitchen; Ken Belton; and the classic Baking with Julia.  The gardening shows made me dream of the coming spring and gave me hope.  My favorite documentary was Henry Louis Gates, Jr - The Black Church:  This is our Story, This is our Song.  The title says it all - it was a wonderful portrayal of my story and my song.  In fact, at the end of episode 1 I looked up Professor Gates' email address and sent him a question.  I did not expect to hear anything.  Believe it or not, he responded to me the next morning!  I was amazed.  Thank you PBS.

Irish Soda BreadAttached photo is my first loaf of Irish Soda bread - left it in the oven too long and it was hard as a rock - but it looked good!

Inez K. Miles
(Retired) Banker
Mellon Bank/Citizens Bank of Pennsylvani

Cassandra Pan

Image of Cassandra PanIn a turbulent pandemic year and mostly sheltering at home, WQED brought a strong sense of interconnectivity to our lives in so many inspiring ways and on many levels while we felt isolated. I know that we can rely on a trusted source about the local community, pandemic updates, domestic and global politics, great performances, and all the heart warming documentaries and drama on a snowy cold Pittsburgh evening. Unquestionably my top pick is Harbor from the Holocaust, as it highlights the power of virtuous intentions and survival through interdependence regardless of race, religion, politics, war, or any extreme hardship in times of crisis.

Cassandra Pan
(Retired) President
Fenner Dunlop Americas

Jonathan Rosenson

Image of Jonanthan Rosenson and FamilyI joined the WQED family as a young child watching much of the children’s programming that was on at the time and as an actual neighbor of Mister Rogers for a few years in Pittsburgh’s Point Breeze neighborhood. I became a supporter of WQED later in life as a member of an organization devoted to funding bullying prevention efforts among young children. Most recently, I joined the WQED board of directors in 2018 and became engaged with our Education team. Since she started kindergarten, I’ve been hearing WQED-FM early every morning emanating from my daughter’s room as her alarm clock radio remains persistently tuned to 89.3. Even as she outgrows the PBS KIDS demographic, she continues to find familiarity and enjoyment from what WQED has to offer her. If it’s Sunday night, and a new MASTERPIECE drama is scheduled, I know where to find my wife. Without even having to ask her, I know that some of her favorites include Downton Abbey, Poldark, Call the Midwife and Mr. Selfridge. I like to watch shows on demand through Passport. I often watch episodes of Austin City Limits and Finding Your Roots on Passport. PBS NewsHour is often on in the background as I wrap up the workday and prepare for dinner.

Jonathan Rosenson
Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer