Autism Video Resources

Spectrum: A Story of the Mind

Take a journey into the rich sensory experience of autism.

Aspen Ideas Festival: How to Dance in Ohio

For teenagers and young adults on the autism spectrum, the first steps toward intimacy can be paralyzing.

Film School Shorts: Keep the Change

David has autism and comes to reevaluate “normal” when he meets a new love interest.

BrainCraft: What a Tooth Reveals About Autism

How did the stem-cells drawn from children's teeth help us understand the key to autism?

iQ smartparent: Aiding Autism

How can digital devices and new technology be helpful to children with autism and other special needs? 

Experience: Living with Autism

Researchers and families explore what new research tells us and what the future looks like for people living with autism.

OnQ: Autism: Diagnosis, Treatment & Hope

OnQ profiles the Pittsburgh mother of a nine year old boy diagnosed with autism at age 3.