after war

The media has a strong history of focusing on the challenges of veterans returning to their homes, families and workplaces. But all too often, the stories focus on the negative. WQED's documentary, "...after war" showcases local men and women who’ve found success after service. Veteran profiles include a married couple who started a boxing club for fellow veterans and first responders, a photographer who sees beauty again after combat, and an artist whose work reflects her wartime experience.


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Meet Pittsburgh area veterans in these short videos focused on their successes after service.

Fighting Forward...after war

Brandy Horchak-Jevsjukova and her husband Vitalijs have found success and inspiration in their boxing gym in Baden PA.

Warrior's Call Boxing

Art...after war

Elise Wigle heals through art in Acme, PA, while helping others do the same.

Seeing Beauty Again...after war

With a sharp eye and a camera, Ben Keen of McCandless, PA enjoys artistic fulfillment and solace through photography.

Ben Keen Photos

Finding A Passion...after war

Chris and Nikki Martin turned a favorite hobby into a woodworking business in Imperial, PA.

Martin Woodworking

New Missions...after war

Devlin Robinson of Bridgeville, PA is serving again - this time in Pittsburgh's veterans community.

Veteran's Place USA

A Veterans Day Gathering

WQED was proud to be part of this Veterans Day breakfast in Monaca, PA, which focused on the benefits of building community and support.

WQED's "...after war" documentary was produced in partnership with The Corporation for Public Broadcasting's "Veterans Coming Home" Project.

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