2020 Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards

WQED is the proud recipient of 14 Mid-Atlantic EMMY Awards.

Overall Excellence
WQED Multimedia
Deborah Acklin, President & CEO


Education/Schools- Program Feature/Segment
The Hunger Lesson
Beth Dolinar, Producer
David Forstate, Photographer


Entertainment- Program/Special
All the Marbles
Beth Dolinar, Producer
Zak Boyle, Producer/Photographer/Editor


Health/Science/Environment- Program Feature/Segment
The Air That We Breathe
Ash Warren, Producer/Photographer
Iris Samson, Producer
Amy Grove, Editor 


Health/Science/Environment- Program/Special
The Long Shadow of Childhood Trauma
Beth Dolinar, Producer
Paul Ruggieri, Editor/Photographer
David Forstate, Director of Photography
Amy Grove, Editor


Historic/Cultural– Program Feature/Segment
A Crowning Achievement
Annette Banks, Producer/Editor
Ash Warren, Photographer 


Historic/Cultural- Program/Special
The Good Fight
Minette Seate, Producer
Christopher T Moore, Producer 


Human Interest- Program/Special
Homecoming: Sgt. Hamilton’s Long Journey
David Solomon, Producer
Paul Ruggieri, Editor
David Forstate, Photographer
Michael Bartley, Narrator
Zak Boyle, Field Producer
Amy Grove, Field Producer


Talent – Reporter – Features/Human Interest
Beth Dolinar (Reporting Compilation)


Societal Concerns Program- Feature/Segment (two honorees)
Life After Hate
Beth Dolinar, Producer 


Ride to Rescue
Nathalie Berry, Producer
Amy Grove, Editor/Photographer
Andrew Holman, Photographer
Michael Bartley, Narrator 


Community Service
Serving Time, Too
Beth Dolinar, Producer