2018 Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards

WQED is the proud recipient of 11 Mid-Atlantic EMMY Awards

Arts/Entertainment – News Single Story

Lost & Found: The Elizabeth Black Murals
David Solomon, Producer
Amy Grove, Editor
David Forstate, Photographer

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Arts/Entertainment – Program Feature/Segment

The Sweater Sessions: Frzy
Zak Boyle, Producer/Photographer
Alisyn Blackwell, Photographer
Amy Grove, Photographer
Harvey “Frzy” Daniels, Artist/Composer

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Entertainment – Program/Special

Andy Kelemen, Producer/Editor
Zak Boyle, Producer

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​Historic/Cultural – Program Feature/Segment

Service & Sacrifice
Nathalie Berry, Producer

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Historic/Cultural – Program/Special

Vietnam: Another View
Iris Samson, Producer
Amy Grove, Editor
David Forstate, Photographer
David Solomon, Executive Producer

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Human Interest – Program/Special

Ink & Image: Tattoos That Heal
Gina Catanzarite, Producer/Writer
David Forstate, Director of Photography
Paul Ruggieri, Editor

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Interview/Discussion – Series

iQ Smartparent
Gina Catanzarite, Producer
Rebecca Jean Born, Director
Darieth Chisolm, Host
Nathalie Berry, Associate Producer
Darryl Ford Williams, Vice President of Content

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Lifestyle – Program Feature/Segment

A Family Tradition
Samantha Gorsuch, Producer/Photographer/Editor
Zak Boyle, Producer/Photographer

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Lifestyle – Program/Special

Meat Pittsburgh
Rick Sebak, Producer
Kevin Conrad, Editor

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Community Service

Hitting Home: The Women & Opioids Project
Beth Dolinar, Project Producer

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Craft Achievement: Photographer/Program

Andy Kelemen & Zak Boyle