Portraits from the Home Front

Elizabeth Black's family discovered copies of about 100 portraits in her collection. WQED is working to find the surviving veterans or descendants who might be interested in these keepsake portraits drawn by Elizabeth during WW2. Please share this page with veterans organizations or others who might help WQED connect these sketches with appreciative families.

The gallery also includes some sketches that did reach the home front during World War II. The families have provided copies to help complete the collection and better catalogue Miss Black's work. Those portraits are noted accordingly. Watch for new portraits and corrected info as we receive it.


  • Thomas R. Rue
    Gallipolis, OH
    Date of Portrait: 11/24/1944
  • Jimmy Swope
    Phila., PA (possibly)
    Date of Portrait: 10/19/1944
  • Johnnie B. Tanner (KIA)
    Malden, MO
    Date of Portrait: 11/25/1944
  • Chester Thomas
    , [Unknown]
    Date of Portrait: 10/20/1944
  • Walter A. Tofel
    Irvington, NJ
    Date of Portrait: 01/29/1945
    Contact Pending
  • Alfred J. Turner
    East Chicago, IN
    Date of Portrait: 10/19/1944
    Contact Pending
  • Herbert L. "Jerry" VanHorn
    Detroit, MI
    Date of Portrait: 11/24/1944
  • Ralph J. Ventry
    Niagara Falls, NY
    Date of Portrait: 02/05/1945
    Contact Pending
  • Mary Louise Weller Chapman
    Oriskany, NY
    Date of Portrait: 02/05/1944
  • James Wilkie (KIA)
    Gloucester City, NJ
    Date of Portrait: 01/28/1945
  • Hannibal Allen Williams
    Newark, NJ
    Date of Portrait: 10/17/1944
  • Jim Wright
    Sharpsburg, PA
    Date of Portrait: 11/27/1944
    Contact Pending