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Join WQED Pittsburgh for Black History Month, a celebration of the history, culture and contributions of African-Americans.

WQED Pittsburgh celebrates and commemorates Black History Month with compelling television and radio programming, and special events.

WQED Pittsburgh once again partners with Duquesne Light Co. and the National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC) to honor four African-Americans making an impact on different aspects of the region.

This year's African American Leadership Awardees are:

Dr. John W. Thompson (education), superintendent of Pittsburgh Public Schools

William E. Strickland Jr. (arts, culture, recreation), executive director of the Manchester Craftsmen's Guild and the Bidwell Training Center Inc.

The Rev. Dr. William Curtis (civic, community, humanitarian), pastor of Mt. Ararat Baptist Church, East Liberty

Gregory R. Spencer (business/government), senior vice president and chief administrative officer for Equitable Resources.

They will be honored at a reception Feb. 25 at 6 p.m. at the WQED Pittsburgh studios and will star in spots on WQED 13. (For more information about the awards, call 412/622-1514.)

Also being honored are four local high school students who received scholarships from Duquesne Light Co.

This year's WQED/Duquesne Light Scholarship Awardees are Twila A. Lindsey, Aliquippa High School Davonia Bryant, Big Beaver Falls High School Tara Baptiste, Clairton High School, and Aftyn Giles, Schenley High School

During February, you'll find programming devoted to African-American issues, history and culture, listed at right.



FRI., FEB. 1, 10PM
Classically Black: Samuel Coleridge-Taylor. Enjoy a tribute to the African-English composer who created the Hiawatha cantata.

Also: Black composers featured throughout the month of February include Scott Joplin, William Grant Still, Nathaniel Dett, Chevalier De Saint Georges, William Dawson and Duke Ellington.


SUN., FEB. 3, 9PM
American Experience: Scottsboro: An American Tragedy. The 1931 trial of nine young black men, falsely accused of rape by two white women, draws North and South into their sharpest conflict since the Civil War, yields two momentous Supreme Court decisions, and fueled the Civil Rights movement.

MON., FEB. 4, 7:30PM
OnQ. OnQ contributor Angie Corley reports on Pennsylvania's first National Historic Landmark of the Underground Railroad, the LeMoyne House in Washington, PA. Only a handful of such sites exist in the U.S.

THURS., FEB. 7, 10PM
Black Horizons. WQED-produced Black Horizons focuses on this year's winners of the African American Leadership Awards as well as Pittsburgh's African American history.

SUN., FEB. 10, 2PM
Black Horizons Soul Food Special. Join Black Horizons as it cooks up some tasty soul food such as Chris Moore's mom's homemade rolls, nut-encrusted salmon and onion-smothered pork chops.

SUN., FEB. 10, 4PM
Willie the Lion. The documentary special looks at stride pianist Willie "The Lion" Smith.

MON., FEB. 11, 7:30PM (REPEATS 11:30PM; FEB. 12, 12:30PM)
OnQ. From jazz to gospel, host Chris Moore looks at the history of Black music in Pittsburgh, including artists Ahmad Jamal, Stanley Turrentine and Mary Lou Williams, who started their careers here.

WED., FEB. 13, 9PM
A Huey P. Newton Story. Spike Lee collaborates with Roger Guenveur Smith to bring Smith's one-man play -- a portrait of the assassinated co-founder of the Black Panther Party -- to television.

THURS., FEB. 14, 21 and 28, 10PM
Tell About the South: Voices in Black & White: The History of Modern Southern Literature. This program studies cultural expression amid the social and economic turmoil found in Southern literature.

SUN., FEB. 17, 3PM
Conjure Women. The spotlight is on four prominent African-American women artists seeking to bring forward the issues -- past and present, cultural and economic -- surrounding the history of African-American women. From the producers of "BrotherMen."

SUN., FEB. 17, 4:30PM
Wrapped in Pride: The Story of Kente in America. Kente, once the cloth of the West African kings, is now a colorful force in American popular culture. Learn its origins, exploring how the ancient art survived colonial rule and emerged as a symbol of independence.

SUN., FEB. 17, 10:30PM
Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings: A Family Conversation. Dig into a straightforward dialogue about family history, race relations and America's response to the controversy surrounding the relationship of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings.

TUES., FEB. 19, 9PM
American Masters: Ralph Ellison: An American Journey. Explore the life and work of author Ralph Ellison, whose landmark novel, "Invisible Man," won him a lifetime of awards and honors.

TUES., FEB. 19, 10:30PM
Ralph Ellison's "King of the Bingo Game." Meet Sonny -- a man who wanders the streets of 1943 Harlem looking for a job to support his family. He soon looks to chance to be his salvation.

WED., FEB. 20, 7:30PM (REPEATS 11:30PM; FEB 21, 12:30PM)
OnQ. The Carnegie Museum is in the process of storing the Teenie Harris archives. Host Chris Moore reports on the careful process of preserving Harris' historic photos of African-American life in Pittsburgh.

WED, FEB. 20, 9PM; SUN., FEB. 24, 3PM
BrotherMen. This one-hour documentary features five African-American men who, through their art, transmit the historic, political and cultural realities of the African-American experience.

WED., FEB. 20, 10PM
Bob Marley: Rebel Music, An American Masters Special. Tune in for original insights into the music, politics and spiritual inspiration of the world's greatest reggae superstar.

SUN., FEB. 24, 4PM
Whispers of Angels: A Story of the Underground Railroad. The documentary recounts the story of the critical eastern line of the Underground Railroad and its role in the 19th-century antislavery movement in America.

SUN., FEB. 24, 10PM
The Invisible Soldiers: Unheard Voices.
Hear and learn about the more than 1 million African-American men and women who served during World War II to protect a country that denied them the freedoms for which they were fighting.

MON., FEB. 25, 7:30PM (REPEATS 11:30PM; FEB 26, 12:30PM)
OnQ. Host Chris Moore profiles thefour student recipients of the 2002 WQED/Duquesne Light Scholarships. He will also interview the adult winners of the African American Leadership Awards, live, in a special edition of OnQ.

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