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Oh, you can call Pittsburgh the city of Champions or the Steel City if you’re a traditionalist, and civil engineers may tell you it’s the City of Bridges, but Bob Regan has written this book titled The Steps Of Pittsburgh that may convince you that this town is really the City of Steps. We have more than 700 sets of stairs that help people get up and down some of the steepest parts of many of our neighborhoods.

An avid bike rider, Bob is originally from Boston but he immediately loved the staircases he saw all over the hills of western Pennsylvania when he moved here in 1992. A visiting professor at Pitt, he does a lot of work with computers and maps, and he offered to share all the information he gathered and the maps he created with the City of Pittsburgh, providing the city with its first comprehensive list of all the city stairs and their locations.

He has strong feelings about how we need to take advantage of the steps, how we can make them into a wonderful tourist attraction, and how neighborhoods can try to lead the fight for care and upkeep of the various staircases. He likes to point out the work of the South Side Slopes Neighborhood Association and all that they do for the steps that they have.

Click on the button to hear Bob Regan talk about the railings on all these steps.


Buy a copy of The Steps of Pittsburgh from SHOP WQED.

The Post-Gazette knew Bob before the book.

PG Columnist Brian O’Neill went to a school with Bob.

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