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All of this is about a public TV project about one of America’s great roads, and we’re hoping you might enjoy reading about some of our behind-the-scenes work. I’m Rick Sebak, and I write most of the tales. Bob Lubomski is our cameraman. And Glenn Syska has been traveling with us recently. He made the video blog entries in 2008. Back in 2007, Jarrett Buba did all that. A RIDE ALONG THE LINCOLN HIGHWAY first aired on PBS on October 29, 2008 at 8 PM. Check with your local PBS station to find out about repeat broadcasts. Or go for the DVD at www.shopwqed.org.

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An arch. OK.

September 3rd, 2007 ·

Just east of Ogallala, we will lose the hour that we were so delighted to gain on the way west. And Jarrett is jumping to get back on the four-lane. Bob and I decide to grab a quick bite of breakfast because who knows where we’ll stop next? But it’s Labor Day and the only place we can find that’s open is a chain eatery that’s packed, and service is amazingly slow. Frustration omelets.

dsc07919.jpg When we finally hit the road, I ask if we can stop, maybe just for a few minutes at the Kearney Arch, the odd interstate roadside attraction that’s just a big bridge-like arch across I-80 near Kearney. Jack Nicholson goes there in the film “About Schmitt.” To climb into the arch, you have to get off I-80 and wind your way along the access roads beside the highway to find the parking lots.

There’s a transportation museum in the arch, and I thought I might want to check this out, but the place is fast-food charmless and blandly commercial. It’s an intriguing structure, big and goofy but it has no real purpose other than trapping tourists. We decide against the museum, don’t even consider getting out the camera, and figure we ought to check out the souvenir shop just because it’s here and you don’t have to pay to get into that part of the experience.dsc07928.jpg

Bob and I get back to the car before Jarrett. Now we’re jumping to get back on the road. Let’s see if we can make some time across the rest of Nebraska! Nonetheless Bob grabs a shot from his front seat as we zip under the archway back on the interstate. Bob can’t stop shooting everything.  That’s OK.

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