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All of this is about a public TV project about one of America’s great roads, and we’re hoping you might enjoy reading about some of our behind-the-scenes work. I’m Rick Sebak, and I write most of the tales. Bob Lubomski is our cameraman. And Glenn Syska has been traveling with us recently. He made the video blog entries in 2008. Back in 2007, Jarrett Buba did all that. A RIDE ALONG THE LINCOLN HIGHWAY first aired on PBS on October 29, 2008 at 8 PM. Check with your local PBS station to find out about repeat broadcasts. Or go for the DVD at www.shopwqed.org.

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August 14th, 2008 ·

Bob and Glenn and I fully document the striking views from Jerry’s office. He can actually look down on the spot where he would put the marker. We’re impressed. And I think how fortunate Lincoln Highway fans are that a man like Jerry would get excited and committed to such a project. dsc00066tsq.jpgI get the feeling that if Jerry can’t get a marker in place in Times Square, no one can.

“What are you gus going to do next?” Jerry asks.

“I thought we would offer to take you to lunch,” I say.

“How about I take YOU to lunch,” he counter-offers.

I say, “We’d be honored.”

He calls and makes reservations at a place called Trattoria Trecolori on 47th Street, one of his favorite places. dsc00072tsq.jpgWe hike over there. It’s a small Italian place, white tablecloths, a maitre d’ who obviously knows Jerry, a cadre of attentive waiters, and really good food. Jerry orders fried mozzarella for us all as an appetizer. It’s not on the menu. Love that. Good crusty bread. A small dish of assorted tasty olives. Also a big plate of lightly fried calamari. And that’s just starters. We’re having a midday feast in Manhattan.

Bob and I are both tempted by the sardines special: flame broiled sardines. dsc00073tsq.jpgHe and I agree to get an order of the linguine with clams and an order of the sardines, and we’ll share. Jerry gets gnocchi with an arrabiata sauce (made with bright red cherry peppers) and Glenn gets penne pasta with the same. After the caesar salads, before our entrees get to the table, Jerry’s wife Sue and eldest daughter Amy arrive. They’ve already had lunch but they come to sit with us, bringing new energy and a double dose of loveliness to the table. There are at least two conversations going from then on. How good the food is. How productive our morning was. How Sue is changing from a teaching career to a new job in school administration. How Amy once did cartwheels down a Texas highway when the family stopped because their suitcases fell off the roof of their car. How wonderful and goofy and exciting New York can be, especially Times Square. It’s a great lunch.

dsc00084tsq.jpgAfter the sardines and clams and several bottles of San Pellegrino, we get some of our equipment from Jerry’s office and we go back down 22 floors to get some more B-roll of Times Square. Glenn also suggests a video blog entry, and we give that a shot too. Times Square is beautiful and fun on a summer afternoon.

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  • 1 Joelene // Aug 14, 2008 at 11:40 am

    Dinner sounds like it was great! I would have skipped the calamari and gone right for the gnocchi.

    Times Square looks so alive! I so want to go there someday.

    I’m keeping an eye on your car for you. :-p I linked your blog to mine to remind me to read it. I’m glad I did!

    Have a great trip!

  • 2 Lincoln Highway News // Aug 19, 2008 at 12:10 pm

    […] A couple days before, Rick and crew filmed at the eastern terminus of the highway – but as the site is not marked as the start/end of the LH, they spent time with its leading champion, LHA board member Jerry Peppers, whose office overlooks Times Square. Here’s a shot from Rick of Jerry – click HERE to read all about their day in NYC. […]

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