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All of this is about a public TV project about one of America’s great roads, and we’re hoping you might enjoy reading about some of our behind-the-scenes work. I’m Rick Sebak, and I write most of the tales. Bob Lubomski is our cameraman. And Glenn Syska has been traveling with us recently. He made the video blog entries in 2008. Back in 2007, Jarrett Buba did all that. A RIDE ALONG THE LINCOLN HIGHWAY first aired on PBS on October 29, 2008 at 8 PM. Check with your local PBS station to find out about repeat broadcasts. Or go for the DVD at www.shopwqed.org.

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I-80, the Ohio Turnpike & home.

September 4th, 2007 ·

Unless we hear some sirens calling or we get changed into animals or our ship wrecks on some bizarre island, we should be home tonight.

There’s a weird mix of emotions at the end of a journey. The familiar pillow ahead. A homemade meal. Comfortable, homey smells. Loved ones waiting. But no more service. No more beds made for you. No more AC turned down to 65. No more ordering unexpected culinary delights. It will be good to be home. It will feel sad to not be on the road anymore.

Illinois goes quickly. In Indiana, when we’re ready to grab a quick lunch, we happen to be near the LaPorte exit, and we decide to go where we know the food is interesting and the decor delicious: B&J’s American Cafe where we had lunch on Day 2 of our journey with David Hay. We head into town in search of the place and the food.

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