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Square Cafe is hip, not square.

December 5th, 2009 · 2 Comments

The next day, Wednesday, October 14, we went back to the Square Cafe where we’d shot our 30-second promo about three weeks earlier.

Exterior square cafe

Not only were owner-operator Sherree Goldstein and her staff friendly and cooperative and excited when we were there, but several Pittsburgh people had made impassioned pleas about our need to include this place in our show, and I’d been reminded about how much I liked the food and the attention to detail here.  Also I’ve had my house in Regent Square since 1988, so it’s sort of home territory.  We must include the Square Cafe.

breakfast dot

Again, we got there early, got some exterior set-up shots.  It was not a busy morning yet but we hoped things would pick up.

square cafe dot

I think it was shortly after 7 when Joe Sabino Mistick showed up.  Sherree said, “He’s a regular.”  And he used to do a political talk show every week on WQED so we all knew him already.  He’s an attorney and a gadfly, a “political analyst” and columnist for the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.  We asked if we could interview him while he waited for his food.  He said Of course.  He’s a champion talker with good strong opinions, and he’s not afraid of the camera.  And he eats breakfast.  (I forgot to take his picture.)

Bob and Glenn in street

Not long after that, Cally Jamis Vennare stopped by.  She’s a writer (and communications consultant) who’s been working on a feature article about me for a magazine called “Forum” that gets marketed through upscale men’s stores around the country (and usually the magazine is named for the specific stores, like Larrimore’s magazine in Pittsburgh or Malouf’s magazine in Texas and California), and she wanted to see me and my crew at work, so I invited her to stop by, and we interviewed her.  Then she called her husband Raymond to come and eat breakfast with her, and we got some pictures of them at one of the tables by the window.

cally and husband

We eventually interviewed Sherree sitting behind the front counter, and, as expected, she was charming and fun with lots of good stories.

sherree beams

She’s been here in Regent Square for six years now, and some things have changed, as the menu does regularly, but several folks we talked to commented on how important Sherree’s presence is.  She tends to everyone, and her personality helps make the place delicious.

sherree blurred

It never really got very busy that morning.

Joelene and crew

My friend Joelene Holderney (who used to work in our WQED business office but who was laid off in the last round of cutbacks) surprised me by stopping for some breakfast (she had read a Facebook post I’d put up that said we’d be there at Square Cafe) as she was on her way out Braddock Avenue to the town of Braddock.  Great to see her.  Bob loved the fact that she and the two men at tables near her were all sitting alone reading their papers.

slice with joelene and guys

We went in the kitchen for a while, interviewed the chef, tried to get some cooking action shots, but let’s face it:  it was not a frantic day.  The food here is beautiful (as you can see in the promo) with lots of fresh fruit, and a genuine care for putting out attractive and scrumptious dishes, but there wasn’t a lot of beautiful hustle-bustle this day.  The pace was liesurely.

kitchen slow

It was a good day for interviews because we weren’t in people’s way, and we stayed till the lunch bunch arrived.  You can order breakfast all day here, but the sandwiches are pretty good too.  In fact Sherree told us her favorite food to sneak for herself was a burger here.

Glenn the tireless

We decided we would come back later on a weekend day when things are hopping and the line goes out onto the sidewalk.  We wouldn’t need a lot more interviews, and we’d get to shoot a crowded retaurant with a busy kitchen.  Someday soon.

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  • 1 btezra // Dec 11, 2009 at 3:13 pm

    the Square Cafe is always consistent, consistently good!

  • 2 James W. Goldstein // Jan 24, 2010 at 12:41 pm

    Sherree is one great woman and a great success at what ever she does, and she does it with a great heart full of love. I should know I am her PROUD father. You go girl!!

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