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Discover intriquing old places,
family businesses,
a wacky set of colored belts,
chartreuse dinnerware and
lots of other unexpected

pieces of our past!

 Take a bite out of an Orams donut.
 Go for a swim at Ligonier Beach.
 Sit and stare at the dinosaur bones at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.
 Follow a set of colored beltways that circle the city.
 Discover the quirky old joys of living in western Pennsylvania.


WQED Pittsburgh's award-winning producer Rick Sebak (producer of Things That Aren't There Anymore) celebrates some wonderful old buildings, classic artifacts like Fiesta dinnerware, handmade movie posters and assorted other things that are still around in Things That Are Still Here, another program in the much-loved Pittsburgh History Series.

Along the way we'll check out ancient evidence of campouts at the Meadowcroft Rockshelter, explore hidden luxuries in the Braddock Carnegie Library (one of the earliest in the world!), and visit the site of the Warner Brothers original movie theater.

We also check out the old Sewickley Train Station (where Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington once played) and the big old Calder Mobile that still hangs at the Pittsburgh airport.

Things That Are Still Here takes a fun look at some of the many joys of living in western Pennsylvania, from Waynesburg to Beaver Falls, from Freeport to Oakland to New Castle. The special is a warm and winning consideration of some of the reasons why people love living around here. keep reading >>

Many thanks to our underwriters: the Buhl Foundation, The Henry L. Hillman Foundation, Columbia Gas of Western PA and the James McQuade Family, founders of the Friends of the Pittsburgh History Series.


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