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It's the Neighborhoods
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The unusual documentaries that make up WQED's Pittsburgh History Series are among the most popular, most imitated, and most critically acclaimed television programs ever produced in Western Pennsylvania.

Most of these special programs have been produced and written by Rick Sebak, although Wiley Avenue Days (1991) was produced by Christopher Moore and Doug Bolin. All of the Pittsburgh History Series programs are available on home video through Shop WQED.

A Pittsburgh History Series Teacher's Guide has been developed and matches video from the series with classroom discussion and activities.

WQED wishes to thank the Buhl Foundation for the generous grants that have made many of the programs in this series possible.

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Ever wonder what's below the surface of western Pennsylvania? Come for a hike into Laurel Caverns, investigate the fabled Fourth River, visit the Bug Rooms at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, and zip through several tunnels around here.

We say it's a question with no easy or definitive answer. It's just fun to consider.

It's the Neighborhoods
It's the Neighborhoods

You often hear that Pittsburgh is a city of great neighborhoods. WQED producer Rick Sebak made a program that celebrates a few areas in Western Pennsylvania that illustrate some of the factors that make neighborhoods around here charming and comfortable places to live.

Things We've MadeTHINGS WE'VE MADE
is a celebration of the history of manufacturing in western Pennsylvania. It's the 16th title produced and narrated by Rick Sebak for the series.

Happy Holidays in PittsburghHAPPY HOLIDAYS IN PITTSBURGH
is a joyous, light-filled look at a wide range of December gatherings, decorations, festive food, crazy people who jump in the frozen river and other traditional manifestations of hometown happiness.

Pittsburgh A to ZPittsburgh A to Z, an unpredictable look at 26 aspects of a wonderful American city, celebrating things from Amateur Archaeologists to Zambelli Fireworks!

Something About OaklandSomething About Oakland
more than a Pittsburgh neighborhood, Oakland is a second center for the city.

AND MORE . . .
South Side premiered in December 1998 and showcased this neighborhood from its days as an area dependent on steel mills to its funky makeover and eclectic mix of residents today.

North Side Story premiered in December 1997 and showcased one of Pittsburgh's most diverse neighborhoods.

The Strip Show premiered in fall 1996 and was a celebration of Pittsburgh's unique Strip District.

Things That Are Still Here
The Mon, The Al and O, on Pittsburgh's three rivers
Holy Pittsburgh, on our churches and synagogues
Kennywood Memories, on an amusement park
Wylie Avenue Days, the story of Pittsburgh's Hill District in the 1930s, 40s and 50s
Flying Off the Bridge to Nowhere & Other Tales of Pittsburgh Bridges, about the bridges in the City of Bridges
Stuff That's Gone, a sequel to "Things That Aren't There Anymore"
Houses Around Here, about the architecture and style of Pittsburgh residences.

Meet writer/producer/narrator Rick Sebak.

Did you see one of the programs? What did you think? Do you have an idea for a story? Tell Rick!


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