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From Pittsburgh to the Vatican From Pittsburgh to the Vatican

Winner of the 2005 Golden Quill Award from the Press Club of Western Pennsylvania for Outstanding Television Documentary

This documentary explores unique and fascinating connections between Pittsburgh and Vatican City. The WQED staff wove together stories of music, faith and spiritual fulfillment into this memorable one-hour program. Segments are outlined below.

A Celebration of Faiths: The Papal Concert of Reconciliation - On January 17, 2004, the Pittsburgh Symphony became the first American orchestra to perform at the Vatican for Pope John Paul II. WQED was invited to report on the event, which commemorated the pontiff's lifelong commitment to interfaith understanding and outreach of the Abrahamic faiths (Christian, Jewish and Muslim).

The Papal ConcertThe Papal Concert

The Chapel of the Holy Spirit - Pittsburgh native Lou Astorino is the only American in history to design a building at the Vatican. WQED was granted unprecedented access to Astorino's breathtaking chapel, which is closed to the public. It is where cardinals gather to pray during the process of electing a new pope.

The Chapel of the Holy SpiritThe Chapel of the Holy Spirit

The Pittsburgh Creche - This popular attraction at the U.S. Steel Building on Grant St. in downtown Pittsburgh is the world's only authorized replica of the Vatican creche.

The Pittsburgh Crecheseminarians

The Pittsburgh Clerical Connection - WQED profiles Squirrel Hill native John Donahue and Chris Kunz of Point Breeze as the long-time friends continue a longstanding tradition: Pittsburgh men studying in Rome for the priesthood.

From Pittsburgh to the Vatican is brought to you by the Emmy Award winning staff of writer/producer David Solomon, reporter/narrator Michael Bartley, producer Nathalie Berry, photographer Frank Caloiero and photographer/editor Paul Ruggieri.



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