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PA Dutch KitchensFrom Pennsylvania's Dutch Kitchens

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Fastnaughts or German donuts, apple dumplings, pot pie and sauerkraut are just some of the traditional foods that can be seen and tasted across Pennsylvania. "From Pennsylvania Dutch Kitchens" with WQED's program director and resident 'cooking guy' Chris Fennimore showcases these tasty dishes brought to America by immigrants with German ancestry.

German donutsTour through some of the festivals that celebrate German food traditions and life and get a look at how much of the heritage is preserved through recipes handed down through families. See how people from all over the state and around the world enjoy delicious dishes frequently talked about and some sumptuous specialties such as pig's stomach, that's not spoken about often but enjoyed by many.

sausagesBest of all, Chris shows how easy it is to make many of the dishes right in your own kitchen. Just in case you can't get to the festivals and you don't want to put extra miles on the family car. It's a feast for the eyes with the report "From Pennsylvania's Dutch Kitchens."

Potato Candy
Pepper Cabbage
Chicken Pot Pie (Bott Boi)
Apple Dumplings



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