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In Country: A Vietnam Special

This summer I'll be sharing my travel diary from my recent trip to Vietnam to shoot our upcoming documentary "In Country: A Vietnam Story." In early March of this year, we traveled there to try and retrace the steps of my friend and co-worker Chris Moore. Lots of you guys know Chris as the host of Black Horizons and OnQ and his talk show on KDKA radio. Chris is also a Vietnam vet and is involved in a lot of vets causes locally. We've worked together for more than ten years now (for seven of those, I was the producer of Black Horizons) and that war has always been a part of our shared consciousness. I think the first program that earned us a nomination for a major award for was an in-studio talk show with former soldiers from that conflict. Chris' time in Vietnam and the idea of returning to that country, are ideas that have been brewing for a long time. We always imagined how great it would be to travel there and make a documentary. And now, thanks to funding from UPMC and an amazing group of people who call themselves the Friends of Danang, it's all about to happen. What follows are my notes from the shoot; it was an amazing once-in-a-lifetime trip that I'll always remember.

Please visit this site often this summer for my diary entries and photographs from the trip.

Minette Seate


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