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Healthy Kids
An OnQ Special Report
OnQ and WQED Multimedia are proud to be partners with Highmark in a series of reports and studio interviews exploring the importance of educating families on nutrition and exercise. The focus for this four-day series is on children ages six to 16.

Monday May 22
Cover story: BACK TO BASICS - On Q kicks off a whole week of special programming called "Healthy Kids: Back to Basics." OnQ's Michael Bartley explains the high risk medical dangers our kids are facing because they're not getting enough exercise and they're not following nutritious diets.

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Also Tonight: EATING RIGHT - How young is too young to instill healthy eating habits? OnQ's Tonia Caruso takes us to a local child care center where eating healthy is part of the curriculum and inside a local high school where soda machines are a thing of the past.

And: A DIETITIAN WEIGHS IN - Live guest is nationally recognized registered dietitian Leslie Bonci.

Tuesday May 23
Cover Story: REALITY CHECK: A TEEN'S DIET PLAN - OnQ takes two healthy high school juniors with typical teenage diets, and challenged them to try a more nutritious plan for one week. How hard can that be? And what can other youngsters learn from their experiment? Beth Dolinar has the story of a week in the life of a teenage tummy.

Also Tonight: KIDS WALK TO WIN - With the popularity of computers, video games and tv, many children just simply aren't getting enough exercise in their daily routines. On Q Contributor, Carol Lee Espy, profiles a new program that's getting children up and on their feet.

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Wednesday May 24
Cover Story: TEENAGE OBESITY - From our sister show, Teens OnQ, correspondent Regina DiCarlo reveals the risk factors and common-sense solutions that can help teenagers beat the obesity battle.

Also Tonight: FRANKLY SPEAKING - Local teens offer their viewpoints on issues including obesity, media messages, peer pressure and healthy choices. OnQ's Chris Moore leads the discussion.

Thursday May 25
Cover Story: A TEEN SUCCESS STORY - OnQ's Tonia Caruso introduces us to a young man making great strides in is quest to lose weight. Find out how he's lost more than 35 pounds and what's keeping him motivated to lose even more.

Also Tonight: GEOCACHING - A great way to get young people to exercise by getting them outdoors to find hidden caches that lead to treasures by using a electronic GPS -- Global Positioning System device.

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And - Class of 2010: Michael Bartley reports from Rooney Middle School on a program that helps kids eat, learn and play healthier.




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