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Health Insurance 101Health Insurance 101

An OnQ Special Series

OnQ is proud to partner with Highmark to report on an important issue that affects all of us. Whether you are covered at work, pay premiums from your own pocket, or have no health insurance at all, this four-day series is designed to not only give you answers and options, but will hopefully help you choose wisely and find information more easily.

Health Insurance: Origins and Evolution - OnQ begins a four-day series of reports to help viewers navigate the world of health insurance, to make informed decisions, and to learn about available options. In this segment, OnQ's Tonia Caruso explores the orgins of health insurance, and shows how that history led to the benefits - and challenges of today.

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Health Insurance: The Big Picture - Health insurance reform, universal health care, challenges in the health insurance industry - these are just a few of the topics to be discussed by featured guest Beaufort Longest, Ph.D., director of the Health Policy Institute at the University of Pittsburgh.

Health Insurance: The President's Plan - How will America's new leadership handle the health insurance challenges? How will consumers be affected? How should the public position itself in the meantime? OnQ's Michael Bartley reports.

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Health Insurance: What Consumers Should Know - There is more help available than most people realize. Featured guest Ray Ort is the Director of Consumer Services with the Pittsburgh Office of the Pennsylvania Insurance Department. Mr. Ort has information to help consumers choose wisely and learn about available health insurance options.

Helpful phone numbers: Pennsylvania Insurance Department Bureau of Consumer Services - Pittsburgh - 412-565-5020, or call toll-free 1-877-881-6388.

Health Insurance: A Family's Challenge - Paying for health insurance on your own can be costly and for many families, unaffordable. OnQ's Chris Moore talks with a once self-employed husband and wife team from Bloomfield about their insurance options.

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Confusing Health Insurance Terms - A 2007 study showed that 36% of adults admit to struggling with understanding the acronym HMO, while 20% couldn't grasp the meaning of PPO. OnQ has a list, and straight answers, when it comes to insurance terms that cause consumer confusion.

Health Insurance: All About Options - Whether or not you are covered under an employer-paid plan, consumers should be well informed about available health insurance options. OnQ's featured guests plan to provide answers. Rich Little is VP of Benefits for Highmark. Michael Bartolini is a VP with First Commonwealth Insurance Agency.

Buying Health Insurance On Your Own - Many Americans have health insurance through their employers. But employment is no longer a guarantee of health insurance coverage. Now what do you do? OnQ will show you the ABCs of buying your own individual health insurance.

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Health Insurance 101: Challenges, Options, Advice - Featured guests: Jonathan Weinkle, M.D., an internist and pediatrician with the Squirrel Hill Health Center and Dan DeStefano, Executive Vice President with Liberty Insurance Agency.

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featured specials

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WQED is proud to partner with Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield to cover important health topics. "Living With Mental Illness" explores diagnosis, treatment and ending the stigma associated with behavioral health issues. The "Men & Cancer" and "Women & Cancer" series reports on early detection and the latest treatment of cancers most commonly associated with men and women.


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