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OnQ and WQED Multimedia are proud to be partners of “Grow Up Great.” OnQ will air “Grow Up Great” feature stories and studio interviews throughout the year. Be sure to watch WQED for “Grow Up Great” public service announcements, and look for additional information in select editions of Pittsburgh Magazines.

What is Grow Up Great?
PNC Grow Up Great is a ten-year, $100 million commitment to prepare young children, from birth to age five, for school and life. So that an entire generation won't just grow up . . . but grow up great. PNC Grow Up Great will help to prepare young children, from birth to age five, for school and life. PNC's investment in school readiness will yield stronger, smarter, healthier children, families, and communities. School readiness encompasses the preparedness of the whole child, including cognitive, social, and emotional abilities.

PNC Grow Up Great will collaborate with the most reputable leaders in the school readiness field, including the following:

Head Start, the most successful, longest-running school readiness program in the country. Together, we will establish PNC Grow Up Great Demonstration Projects in each of PNC's markets to stand as models of achievement and support for other Head Start programs. PNC will also jointly develop the most comprehensive corporate volunteer program in Head Start's history and provide additional funding to help best prepare children for school.

Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit educational organization behind Sesame Street, and a leading expert in school readiness content. Together, we will provide custom early learning materials to children and parents at Head Start and other early learning centers, and to PNC customers and employees.

Family Communications, Inc., developers of content-rich school readiness materials and resources.

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OnQ's "Grow Up Great" Reports & Interviews

GROW UP GREAT - Reading With Rover - In this installment of the PNC-Grow Up Great series, discover how animals can teach even the youngest children lessons about respect and responsibility, as well as a variety of social and ethical skills. A program called Reading with Rover also illustrates how a trusted pet can be a non-judgmental "teacher" for children who need extra reading practice!

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GROW UP GREAT - Gardening for Preschoolers. OnQ contributor Doug Oster reports on a garden at the Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children, where children can explore the textures and aromas of plants.

READ ACROSS AMERICA - OnQ's Tonia Caruso takes us inside Barrett Elementary School in Homestead. Find out why people from throughout the community were invited to read to students.

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EARLY LITERACY - Actor, producer and director LeVar Burton visits on behalf of the Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council. Burton (center) talks with OnQ's Michael Bartley (right) about his children's series "Reading Rainbow" and his connection to Mister Rogers.

YOGA FOR KIDS - You're never too young to flex your body and mind. OnQ visits a yoga class at Community Day in Squirrel Hill.

For More Information: Diamond Yoga, 412-422-6897

DO YOU PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO WHAT YOUR PRESCHOOL CHILDREN ARE EATING? Local experts explain why you should. Find out how the eating habits you teach your children now can affect their growth and health for years to come. OnQ's Tonia Caruso has the story as part of this continuing series.

ONQ VISITS THE CARNEGIE SCIENCE CENTER'S WORKSHOPS FOR PRE-SCHOOLERS - a great way for toddlers to get a head start on science education.
ON Q INTERVIEWS DOUG PRICE, nationally renowned expert in improving the quality of pre-kindergarten education. Price is in town from Colorado to speak with state legislators and business leaders about implementing the best, most cost-efficient ways to get our kids "ready to learn."

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Keystone STARs

FOR THE LOVE OF BOOKS - You may not realize just how important it is to read to a child. OnQ Correspondent Tonia Caruso tells us about a local effort to get children involved in reading.

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JIM ROHR, PNC'S CEO, who spearheaded the Grow Up Great campaign, updates viewers on the campaign's success so far.

ONQ VISITS AN ARTS MAGNET, Dilworth Traditional Academy for the Arts and Humanities in Highland Park. Grow Up Great is a PNC program, committed to preparing young children for school and life.

For more information:
email rokeefe1@pghboe.net or call 412-665-5000.

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WHY AREN'T BUSH AND KERRY TALKING ABOUT EDUCATION? While other issues have drowned out the all-important subject of education, one local expert hopes voters won't forget about it as she helps us sift through the difference between Kerry and Bush on education.

HEAD START - PNC Grow Up Great and OnQ showcase Head Start, a comprehensive preschool program for children from low-income families. See how the program goes beyong education to include medical, dental and many social services.

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SAFETY ADVICE FOR CHILDREN - PNC Grow Up Great has safety advice for children. For a complete list of the CFA/SafeChild.net top ten summer hazards and related tips go to:

Remember: Post the National Poison Hotline by your phone: 1-800-222-1222.

TOP TEN BEST BOOKS FOR BABIES - Discover the Top Ten Best Books for Babies and learn how reading to infants is a great way to help promote brain development.

Learn more about the fifth annual Best Books for Babies list.

To learn more about becoming a volunteer reader with Beginning With Books Center for Literacy contact them at their East Liberty offices at 412-361-8560.

IQ SCORES - Are IQ scores the best way to measure children's intelligence? Some experts say it's better to look at two different types of intelligence - emotional and multiple. We'll look at what that means as we continue our series called "PNC Grow Up Great" - with tonight's guest, Sherry Cleary - director of Child Development at the University of Pittsburgh.

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PREJUDICE - Many experts hold the theory that prejudice is a learned behavior, and if kids aren’t taught it, they won’t know it. In tonight’s installment in our continuing PNC "Grow Up Great" series, we visit a local play space that promotes diversity; and look at why exposing children to diversity when they’re young will make them better students and better citizens by the time they start kindergarten.

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SETTING UP CHILDREN FOR SUCCESS - A local learning center that sets up children for success - before they even enter kindergarten. We'll show you how the 4 Kids Learning Center is helping children "Grow Up Great" - by bringing together a community of partners and parents.

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HEAD START - OnQ showcases Head Start, a comprehensive preschool program for children from low-income families. See how the program goes beyong education to include medical, dental and many social services.

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NEWSMAKER - Jim Rohr, CEO of PNC and the man at the head of the PNC Grow Up Great campaign visits the  OnQ studios to discuss the $100 million pledge PNC and its partners have made to prepare area children for school. Mr. Rohr addresses how funds are being distributed to best meet the agencies and people in need.

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CORPORATE COMMITMENT TO EARLY EDUCATION: - On Q's Michael Bartley reports on a major, $100 million corporate commitment to early education in our region. "PNC Grow Up Great" is a ten year program to improve school readiness for many of our youngest citizens. We talk one-on-one with PNC CEO Jim Rohr about what the company, PBS, and other partners hope to accomplish with this unique program aimed at helping disadvantaged children become better prepared for school.

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