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What's Causing Cancer?

What's fact? What's fiction? What's cause for concern - when it comes to the connection between cancer and the environment?

OnQ and WQED Multimedia are proud to be partners with Highmark in a series of reports and studio interviews on this issue.

Cover Story: What's Causing Cancer? OnQ's Tonia Caruso has an overview of this week's coverage.

Also Tonight: A House Tour examines items in your home that some fear cause cancer. OnQ's Carol Lee Espy separates fact from fiction.

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And: Guest Ginette Walker Vinski, Pennsylvania Resources Council program coordinator, discusses the booklet, "Hazardous Waste in the Home." You can get a free copy by visiting the PRC website, or by calling 412-488-7490.

Cover Story: Industrial Pollution - What's the relationship between industrial pollution and cancer? How safe is your air and soil? OnQ's Chris Moore talks to the experts to find out.

Also Tonight: Burning Hazardous Waste. OnQ contributor Harold Hayes reports on past and present fears among people living down wind of an incinerator in East Liverpool, Ohio.

And: Good Foods, Bad Foods. We have advice on the foods most likely to prevent and cause cancer.

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Cover Story: The Center For Environmental Oncology - This new Pittsburgh facility was formed to improve the understanding of avoidable causes of cancer development.

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Also Tonight: Meet The Researchers (and call with your questions): Maryann Donovan, Ph.D., assistant director for Research Services and Advancement at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, who's studied cell controls involved in tumor growth and metastasis. Jean Latimer, Ph.D., assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute Center for Environmental Oncology.

Cover Story: What's in the Water? OnQ's Michael Bartley reports on a Pitt Graduate School of Public Health study of estrogen levels in fish pulled from local waters.

Also Tonight: Second Hand Smoke. OnQ contributor Lori Savitch reports on the Smoke Free West Virginia initiative, and concerns about young peoples' exposure to second hand smoke.

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And: Healthy Places, Healthy People. This Highmark Foundation-funded program educates the public on cancer-causing agents in the environment. Guest: John Fong, MD.

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WQED is proud to partner with Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield to cover important health topics. "Living With Mental Illness" explores diagnosis, treatment and ending the stigma associated with behavioral health issues. The "Men & Cancer" and "Women & Cancer" series reports on early detection and the latest treatment of cancers most commonly associated with men and women.


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