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Dream Nest

City of Asylum

Dream NestPittsburgh welcomes Huang Xiang as the first writer-in-residence of the grassroots-driven City of Asylum/Pittsburgh project. In partnership with the Mattress Factory, City of Asylum/Pittsburgh is providing a safe haven for Huang Xiang to create poetry and art. Huang Xiang, one of the greatest poets of 20th-century China, was severely persecuted and spent nearly two decades of his life in re-education through labor camps and communist-operated factories and prisons in China.

Dream NestThe "boundless freedom" Huang Xiang now enjoys has brought forth incredible literary works and art installations - like his "Dream Nest".The sight of Huang Xiang's "Dream Nest" is breath-taking but the story of his life is startling. Huang Xiang and his wife, poet Zhang Ling, welcome the entire Pittsburgh community to the "Dream Nest" as they share their personal stories of persecution and perseverance in this special edition of OnQ.

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