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Safety Nets
An OnQ Special Series
OnQ and WQED are proud to be partners with Highmark in a series of reports and studio interviews on this important community issue. Medical "Safety Nets" help people who are most likely to fall through the cracks of health care coverage. The OnQ staff explores a variety of issues, profiling the people and places who make a difference in the Pittsburgh region.
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Self-Esteem: An Essential Element
An OnQ Special Report
This OnQ series explores the importance of fostering self-esteem in children.
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Stained Glass Treasures
An OnQ Special Edition
This half-hour showcases several of the Pittsburgh region's most-recognized stained glass works and the artists behind them, including Terry Bengel. Oakland's Saint Paul Cathedral and The North Side's Calvary United Methodist Church are also featured.

Stone Soldiers: Saving The Gettysburg Monuments
An OnQ Documentary
Tourists from around the world admire the 1300-plus monuments on the Gettysburg battlefield in Pennsylvania. But time, nature and occasional vandals are taking a toll. This OnQ documentary profiles the people working to protect, repair, and raise funds for these "stone soldiers."
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Teen Suicide
OnQ Close-up
Suicide is the third leading cause of death among teenagers and young adults, yet the subject is often avoided or ignored until tragedy strikes. Sadly, it is nearly always misunderstood by the families who have been impacted, as well as the general public. Stigma, shock, grief and blame are just a few of suicide's unfortunate ramifications.
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featured specials

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featured specials

WQED is proud to partner with Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield to cover important health topics. "Living With Mental Illness" explores diagnosis, treatment and ending the stigma associated with behavioral health issues. The "Men & Cancer" and "Women & Cancer" series reports on early detection and the latest treatment of cancers most commonly associated with men and women.


  • WQED first told her story in "Portraits for the Home Front." Now the legacy of Elizabeth Black continues in a new documentary.