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On Air Hosts & Reporters

Michael Bartley
OnQ host Michael Bartley also covers issue-oriented, in-depth stories for  WQED. Michael is a multiple Emmy winner, recipient of the Edward R. Murrow Award, and received the "Bill Burns Award" for excellence in journalism at the Art Rooney Awards Dinner. Steelers' owner Dan Rooney called Michael Bartley's long-form reporting "a true asset for Pittsburgh." Michael was also named the 1997 Marquette University Communications Alumnus of the Year.

He's a graduate of Pittsburgh Central Catholic High School and Marquette University and worked as an anchor/reporter in Green Bay and Milwaukee, WI.

Tonia Caruso
Emmy-winning correspondent Tonia Caruso joined the staff of OnQ in September 2001 after working nearly ten years in local television news.

Tonia began her career as a writer and producer at KDKA-TV. Six years later, she went in front of the camera as a reporter at WTAE-TV.

Tonia is a true Pittsburgher, having grown up in the city's Oakland neighborhood, and attending Sacred Heart High School. She later graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Pittsburgh.

Chris Moore
OnQ host Chris Moore is probably best-known for his work on Black Horizons. He has co-hosted and produced the Emmy-winning series, the longest running minority-affairs program on public television, for 18 years. "Chris Moore is WQED," says executive producer Jocelyn Hough, noting that Moore is already well-liked by viewers. In 1991, he produced and narrated "Wylie Avenue Days," an Emmy Award-winning documentary on the Hill District.

Moore has also made an impact on radio, as creator and former host of "Black Talk" on WCJX. He can now be heard Saturdays, 7PM-midnight, and Sundays, 4-8:30PM on his own radio talk show, broadcast in 36 states by KDKA-AM.

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OnQ Contributors

Gina Catanzarite
A four-time Emmy winner (and nine-time nominee), Gina covers children's and education issues for OnQ. Nationally, she has produced documentaries, talk shows and feature stories. She is also a panelist for Parent's Choice and runs writing workshops for children. 

Mike Clark
Mike Clark anchors WTAE-TV Channel 4 news and is one of the region's most-recognized television journalists. He's covered everything from regional disasters, to Pope John Paul II's funeral, to a humanitarian mission in Peru, earning honors that include the 2006 Bill Burns Award from the Catholic Youth Association. Mike now reserves some of his time for public TV, bringing an expertise in human interest reporting to OnQ. 

Dave Crawley
Dave has produced more than 3,000 human interest stories as "KD Country" reporter for KDKA-TV. The nine-time Emmy-winning reporter and children's poet relishes the opportunity to tell more of his stories in the extended-length format of OnQ.

Jim Cunningham
WQED-fm's Jim Cunningham covers entertainment for OnQ. From the symphony to the opera, Jim keeps OnQ viewers tuned in to the Cultural District in Pittsburgh and beyond. 

Dave & Dave
Among OnQ's original contributors, Dave Hallewell and Dave Rhodes take viewers on their Excellent Adventures throughout the Pittsburgh region in their offbeat and humorous style.

Beth Dolinar
Many Pittsburgh viewers remember when Beth chose family life over her career as a standout reporter at WTAE-TV. Years later, she returned to TV as a contributing reporter for OnQ, winning an Emmy for her first OnQ report, "From The Ashes," the story of the Ebenezer Baptist Church's comeback after a devastating fire. A respected writer, you've also seen Beth's byline in Pittsburgh Magazine and Pittsburgh Quarterly.

Chris Fennimore
Chris Fennimore is the Director of Programming for WQED but he's more well known as "That Cookin' Guy" for his weekly show on Saturday mornings and his food articles in PITTSBURGH magazine. Chris is always on the lookout for interesting food stories to share with OnQ viewers.

Harold Hayes
He has covered just about everything that's happened in the Pittsburgh region during more than 20 years at KDKA-TV. Harold now calls on that experience in his perspective reports for OnQ.

Mike Lee
OnQ viewers enjoy Mike's hip, informative style in his lifestyle, arts, entertainment and human interest reports. He also hosts WQED's online show "Pittsburgh InSite." Formerly a professional sports executive and creator/host of cable TV's "Pittsburgh 365," Mike is a native Pittsburgher, and alumnus of Shady Side Academy, Dartmouth College, Yale School of Management, and the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

Andy Masich
For OnQ, Andy covers local history. No wonder! He runs the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania, and the Heinz History Center. Andy's OnQ reports include the 1948 Donora Smog, the B-25 bomber crash in the Mon River and the history of the Dixmont Mental Institution.

Susie Meister
After travelling the world on MTV's "Road Rules," Susie Meister returned to Pittsburgh to continue her work in television. Her segments for "OnQ" feature "what's happening" around town and she hopes to reveal just how much fun you can have in the 'burgh.

Doug Oster
Doug Oster is the Post-Gazette's Backyard Gardener. For OnQ, he reports on gardening and the great outdoors. His stories run the gamut from a spiritual healing garden to a wildflower preservation program. He won an Emmy for Outstanding Documentary for Gardens of Pennsylvania.

Iris Samson
Iris Samson was an integral part of the production team for the Murrow Award-winning OnQ documentary "From Pittsburgh To Poland: Lessons of the Holocaust." Iris now produces OnQ feature segments on everything from social issues to high-tech. Her extensive print background includes nearly two decades as a writer/assistant editor at The Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle.

Lynn Sawyer
One of Pittsburgh's most respected television personalities is back on the air - and she chose OnQ. Pittsburgh viewers know Lynn from her years at KDKA-TV, where she anchored the news and reported on topics ranging from consumer issues to adoption in KD's "Waiting Child" segments. Lynn calls on that experience to bring a variety of in-depth, long-form stories to OnQ viewers.

Minette Seate
Minette was born in Pittsburgh and hasn't found a reason to leave. OnQ viewers find her all over town, covering stories that capture the true 'Burgh essence. Minette is the senior producer of the American Soundtrack series. Previously, she served as the Emmy-winning producer of Black Horizons and associate producer for Rick Sebak's programs.

Rick Sebak
The Emmy award-winning WQED producer is best known for his Pittsburgh History Series. He gives OnQ viewers a treat by previewing his upcoming shows and covering "true" Pittsburgh culture.

Stacy Smith
The KDKA-TV news anchor is one of the most-respected journalists working in the Pittsburgh market. Smith joined KDKA in 1983 as an anchor and reporter. In 2000, he helped WQED-TV launch OnQ as one of its hosts, and still contributes to the program as a debate moderator, interviewer and long-form feature reporter.

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OnQ Production Staff

Nathalie Berry
OnQ's Emmy Award winning field producer has also received several Emmy nominations and a Golden Quill Award. Nathalie has more than 25-years of experience in television production and news. Before becoming part of the OnQ production team in 1999, she worked as a producer at KDKA-TV.

Rebecca Jean Born
WQED's production and broadcast operations manager was honored with her first Emmy nomination in 2004 for directing. Rebecca directs OffQ and is second director for many local programs and specials. An award winning producer, Rebecca garnered the first place Matrix Award for Best Television Feature for "The Masters of Glass" and a Golden Quill nomination in 2003 for her work with OnQ Magazine. Rebecca is also a familiar face and voice for WQED-tv13 and WQED-fm pledge drives. Since arriving at WQED in 1996, Rebecca has been involved with engineering, local and national productions, underwriting, outreach and promotion. Beyond WQED, Rebecca is an active volunteer and on-air reader for the Radio Information Service of Western Pennsylvania.

Frank Caloiero
Frank has been with WQED since 1993. He has worked on dozens of national PBS and Discovery Channel programs including "Rediscovering America: The Real Ben Franklin," "Nobel Legacy," Biodiversity: Exploring the Web of Life and "Jobs: The Class of 2000." Frank also teaches AVID editing at Pittsburgh Filmmakers.

Jerry Cobbs
With a keen ear and 30 years of remote and studio experience, Jerry guarantees the smooth and seamless sound of OnQ Magazine as our audio technician.

Chip Connelly
Chip leads the field in video, videotape, master control and technical direction, and is an occasional director.

Dave Foreman
Dave is a second-generation engineer who excels in FM, camera, videotape, audio and technical direction.

Amy Grove
A former WQED volunteer, Grove joins OnQ as Assistant Avid Editor after working for three years in the production, media and distribution division. She worked as floor producer on several QED shows and has also served as location manager on feature films such as "Promises Kept: The Oksana Baiul Story" and "Sudden Death."

Dick Lasota
OnQ's audio technician is also the WQED Shop Steward for IATSE Local 820. During his 39 years of service with WQED, Dick has worked on a multitude of televisions productions, including Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

Mike Laver
Mike is a jack-of-all-trades who often fills in with audio, videotape or as cameraman.

Pierina Morelli
Pierina Morelli got her first camera in third grade and she's been shooting ever since. With more than 25 years of TV news experience, Pierina came to WQED in 1999 to help launch OnQ Magazine as a producer/photographer/editor. She has garnered numerous Emmy awards and nominations, along with an Edward R. Murrow Award, Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters Award for Excellence, Golden Quill, and other prestigious journalism honors for OnQ productions that include "From Pittsburgh to Haiti: A Mission of Mercy," "From Pittsburgh to Poland: Lessons of the Holocaust" and "Pennsylvania Quilts." Pierina brings to WQED viewers the "different" side of Pittsburgh´┐Ż stories you won't see anywhere else.

Jim Ochtun
When he's not working as a primary camera operator of OnQ Magazine, Jim can be found applying his 36 years of experience in the WQED nerve center as master control operator.

Paul Ruggieri
OnQ's photojournalist-editor adds 18-plus years experience to our staff. With 25 Emmy nominations, 8 Emmys and numerous other broadcasting awards, Paul brings his extensive documentary and news background into the mix as well. Paul's notable work includes: "From Pittsburgh to the Vatican," "Row on for Brendan," "The Donora Smog," "Emmylou Harris Landmines Concert," Rick Sebak's "Pittsburgh A-Z," "Things We've Made" and "It's The Neighborhoods."

Alicia Schisler
Since its premiere in January 2000, OnQ's producer has won four Emmy Awards and collected eleven Emmy nominations. In 1999, she won the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters Award for Excellence. During her 13 plus years with WQED, Schisler has produced numerous magazine and talk format programs, assisted in the production of national programs and produced award-winning long format stories for OnQ. Schisler is also a freelance writer whose work has appeared in Pittsburgh magazine and Pittsburgh Weddings.

David Solomon
OnQ's supervising producer began his TV career at KDKA in 1988. Since joining WQED in 2000, he has earned 19 Emmy awards, 54 Emmy nominations, two Gabriel awards, Edward R. Murrow, CINE Golden Eagle, PAB and Golden Quill awards. David's notable writing/producing work includes Losing Lambert, The Donora Smog, Dixmont, One Year in Brownsville, Emmylou Harris Landmines Concert, Gettysburg's New Battle: Saving the Stone Soldiers, Darr Mine Disaster, National Negro Opera Company, Leo Beachy's Legacy, Row On For Brendan, Alicia's Message, Calendar Girls, From Pittsburgh to Poland: Lessons of the Holocaust. Fallen Hero: The Ross McGinnis Story, The Big Savage Tunnel.

Frank Warninsky and Jimmy Seech
Frank and Jimmy have been keeping WQED together for the last 37 years. Frank does most of the lighting design and teleprompter, and Jimmy does most of the floor managing.

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