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National Parks: The Untold Stories Project

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City Kids in National Parks

City Kids in National Parks explores National Park Service efforts to bring inner city kids into the parks, often for their first encounters with wilderness. The film tells the story through the lens of two programs - Biscayne National Park, a successful, well-established program working with fifth graders from greater Miami, and Death Valley National Park, a new program working with seventh grade students from Las Vegas - and is underpinned by the kids themselves: what they're learning about the earth, about teamwork, and about themselves.
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Manzanar: "Never Again"

Manzanar: "Never Again" looks at the interconnected stories of Japanese internment during World War II, Sue Kunitomi Embrey's efforts to commemorate Manzanar internment camp, and the ongoing work of Manzanar National Historic Site to educate visitors about civil rights. At the heart of the of the film is the site's annual pilgrimage and the words of Sue Embrey, who speaks movingly about protecting all citizens' rights, especially in times of national crisis.
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Mount Rushmore: Telling America's Stories

Mount Rushmore: Telling America's Stories focuses on the new interpretive program at Mount Rushmore National Memorial, spearheaded by Supt. Gerard Baker. In addition to telling the traditional stories of the carving of the mountain and of the four presidents memorialized there, the program now highlights the stories and cultures of all Americans, including American Indians, imparting a more complex and complete understanding of the National Parks and the legacies they protect.
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San Antonio Missions: Keeping History Alive

San Antonio Missions: Keeping History Alive centers on San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. A thriving hub for the city's Latino community, the park hosts Spanish and English language masses throughout the week, celebrates traditional Hispanic festivals year-round, and educates more than 50,000 school children annually about our nation's Hispanic heritage.
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Yosemite's Buffalo Soldiers

Yosemite's Buffalo Soldiers highlights the work of Yosemite ranger Shelton Johnson and his rediscovery of the story of the African American soldiers who patrolled the parks of the High Sierra at the turn of the last century. Shelton tells the story in the dramatis personae of a Buffalo Soldier himself, directly engaging visitors in a way that is immediate and often high impact.
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