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Eat Pennsylvania 2

Eat Pennsylvania 2: The Second Course with Dave & Dave

Dave & Dave return to the highways, rural routes and back-alleys in search of quintessential Pennsylvania food. You'll see where the Big Mac was invented. You'll watch the cult-candy-classic Peeps come to life. You'll visit a 100 year Philadelphia institution where every food known to mankind is sold daily. From Kolaches to Zeps, from Growlers to frozen custard, get ready for a show you can really sink your teeth into.

Here are the selections on the "Eat PA 2" menu:

Big Mac Museum (North Huntington)
Did you know that the fast-food icon known as the "Big Mac sandwich" was invented right here in Pennsylvania? We'll meet the inventor's son, tour the museum, and try to scale the world's largest cheeseburger. View Snapshots

Adzema Pharmacy (Pittsburgh)
The old-fashioned lunch counter lives on inside this family-owned pharmacy in the North Hills of Pittsburgh. And no, none of the prescriptions from the pharmacy are used in the recipes! (We asked). View Snapshots

Café Kolache (Beaver)
It might be the last thing you would expect to find in Beaver County. So what is a kolache you ask? It's a Czech pastry dough and you'll see how the city of Beaver has embraced this yummy delicacy from the old country. View Snapshots

The Reading Terminal Market (Philadelphia)
Tucked into the heart of downtown Philly is a marketplace that's bursting at the seams with food from every corner of the appetite globe. They've been doing it since 1893 so if you want it… they definitely have it! View Snapshots

Hank's Frozen Custard (Conneaut Lake)
Hank's is a Conneaut Lake tradition dating back over 50 years, but what is frozen custard and how do you make it? We'll show you. View Snapshots

Hank's Frozen Custard (New Brighton)
No, this isn't a typo and we didn't stutter. This is the original location of Hank's and they're related to the location in Conneaut, but not really. Oh, this Hank's also sells Mexican food! View Snapshots

Just Born Inc. (Bethlehem)
Just Born is the very sweet home of Mike and Ike, Hot Tamales, and everyone's favorite candy chicks – Peeps! Best of all, it's family-owned and has been in business for over 70 years. View Snapshots

The Jigger Shop (Mt. Gretna)
For over 100 years, yes 100 years, this old fashioned soda fountain has been serving some of the most outrageous ice cream concoctions in the known universe including baked Alaska, peach melba & something called the Jigger. View Snapshots

Texas Lunch & "The Growler" (Lock Haven)
A growler is a chili dog born in the Lock Haven institution known as the Texas Restaurant, and it's named that way because supposedly your stomach growls after eating one. What happens if you eat two? View Snapshots

Eve's Lunch (Norristown) no website – call (610) 277-6600
The "zep" is a Norristown sandwich tradition and for the truly authentic experience, those in the know go to Eve's. See why The "zep" makes Norristown a Pennsylvania food destination. View Snapshots


featured specials

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