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Dave Hallewell

spends his days "changing lives" as WQED's Senior Producer and Editor of On-Air Promotion.  Dave has been creating local and national material with WQED since 1995 as a writer, producer and AVID editor all-in-one.  In addition to various digital, non-linear editing certifications, Dave is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and has put his English Writing degree to good use as a columnist and humorist for various media outlets in Pittsburgh and around the country, including newspapers, glossy magazines, morning radio, and something called the world wide web.
Sign:   Leo.  I don't speak zodiac, but I think it means cool.
Neighborhood:  The swanky North Hills township of Ross.
Occupation:  Big TV Star.
Best Part of Job:   Traveling to all corners of Pennsylvania making TV shows with Dave, Frank & Frank's Breville 800 ESXL espresso machine.  That's how we roll!
Three words that describe you:  Dog Whisperer, Mid-Century Modern, Font Freak.
Movie you could watch over & over again:  Could be "Repo Man," "Endless Summer," "American Movie," or some great examples of highly-stylized violence like "Sin City," "300," "Grindhouse," and the "Transporter" movies, to name a few!
Who would play you in a movie:   I have been compared to a younger Anthony Bourdain, but I see myself as more of a cross between Dean Martin and "Mr. Incredible."
Favorite color:   Blonde and tan.
Favorite hobby:  Photography & Photoshop.  I'm slowly compiling images for my own Pittsburgh coffee table book.  And no... it won't turn into a coffee table.
What CDs are in your car right now:   Testament's "Formation of Damnation," Paul Anka's "Rock Swings," Tool's "10,000 Days,"  Art Van Damme's "Accordian Ala Mode," UDO's "Mastercutor," and piles of instrumental surf CDs from all over the globe. 
Favorite throwback kids shows/cartoons:  Atom Ant, Pink Panther & of course, The Land of the Lost.
Cars you'd like to have:  1970 Dodge Challenger, 1969 Corvette, and any International Scout from 1961-1972.
Three people you'd like to have dinner with from any period, dead or alive:  Padma Lakshmi, Cesar Millan and Kate Beckinsale.
Three things that can always be found in your kitchen:  Freshly-brewed iced tea, Starbucks espresso beans & usually avocados.
First job:  Professional Cage Fighter.
Guitar Players : Dick Dale, Tony Iommi & Billy Gibbons
Architects:  John Lautner, Pierre Koenig & Oscar Niemeyer
Low-Brow Artists:   Shag, The Pizz & Von Franco
Photographers:  David Doubilet, Adolphe Sylvain & David Troyer
What would you do if you hit the lottery:   Lots of land, lots of dogs, and lots of Whole Food's tiramisu.
Favorite rule to live by:  The 'rule of thirds,' a basic photography principle of composition.  Dave & Frank hate when I talk about it.

Dave Rhodes

has a day job when not exploring the state with Dave & Frank.  He is WQED's main television Director and has earned 2 Emmy nominations for his work on shows like "OnQ," "Black Horizons," "LifeQuest," "Live From Studio A," and Chris Fennimore's cooking marathons.  Dave has been with WQED since 1993 and has served as Associate Producer on several of Rick Sebak's local and national programs including: "South Side," "A Hot Dog Program," and "Great Old Amusement Parks," as well as being a guest director for episodes of "Charlie Rose" and "The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer."  Rhodes is an alumnus of Ohio University (Go Bobcats!) and his writing has been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines both in Pittsburgh and around the country.
Age:   Suitably aged like a fine wine or cheese.
Neighborhood:  Reserve Township in Shaler.
Occupation: Serious journalist.
Best part of job:   Sitting in a van for hours with Dave & Frank. It's never boring and is much more entertaining than our shows!
Pets:   1 dog, 2 cats.  A collie-mix dog named Jake; an old cat named Magoo, and a bigger, younger cat named Bandit that beats up on Magoo.
Movie you could watch over & over again:  "Sin City."  Robert Rodriguez is my hero.
Who would play you in a movie:  The guy who played "Chainsaw" in "Summer School."
Favorite place to eat:   J. Clarks in the North Hills for dinner.  Nancy B's in Homestead for dessert.
Favorite thing about living in Pittsburgh:   PNC Park is the best stadium in America, and I've been to a bunch of other parks.  Maybe someday we'll have a baseball team to play there.
What CDs are in your car right now:  Tool, Staind, Fuel and Creed.
Current read:   The last book I read was "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows."  I'm happy Harry killed both Ron and Hermione.  SPOILER ALERT - Don't read that last sentence.
Greatest accomplishment:  I installed a ceiling fan not that long ago and it works... I was pretty happy about that.
Three people you'd like to have dinner with from any period, dead or alive:   Alyssa Milano, Alyssa Milano's mom, and Alyssa Milano's sister.
Three things that can always be found in your refrigerator:   milk, yogurt, and the heads of my enemies.
First job:  I worked at my parent's ice cream store in Wexford.  Do you want jimmies on that?
Influences: Pink Floyd, The Who, Led Zeppelin
What would you do if you hit the lottery:  I'm anti-lottery.  If I'm going to lose money, I'd rather play poker.
Best piece of advice:  Don't invite Tom Cruise to your house if you just bought a new couch.
People would be surprised to know that:   I've never won a Golden Globe.

Frank Caloiero

For those of you who may not know, there is a "Third Dave."  He's Frank Caloiero , the Daves' cameraman, audio/lighting guy, and director in the field, who's been with Dave & Dave since their very first adventure. And Frank has been with WQED since 1993 working on dozens of national programs for PBS, as well as other networks like the Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, TNN, ABC and VH1. His camera work has taken him from the Oval Office to the Papal Palace. Frank has jumped from 2 miles high in the sky to get the right shot, and yes, he was attached to a parachute. He's worked with world famous artists and pioneering scientists. Frank has received many regional and national Emmy nominations for his outstanding photography and editing, and is a multiple Emmy Award winner. His work can also be seen at many museums around the world from the Kuwait Science Center to the Carnegie Science Center, which features an Imax film edited by Frank called, " Pittsburgh's Big Picture."  Frank is also an instructor at Pittsburgh Filmmakers where he has been teaching Digital Non-Linear Editing since 1996.
Age:  39 & 3/4
Neighborhood:   Ross
Occupation:  Cameraman, Editor, Spiritual Leader
Best Part of job:   Changing Peoples Lives
Pets:   Rocket - chocolate Lab (also goes by Rocky, Rock Star, Rock, Mr. Pathetic), Valentio - tan cat (also goes by Tinny, Valley Boy, Hugey), Pia - calico cat (no aliases).
Movie you could watch over & over again:  "Driving Miss Daisy"
Who would play you in a movie:   Michael Phelps
Favorite place to eat:  Home
Favorite food:  Penne pasta with fresh tomatoes topped with basil and Romano cheese.
What cds are in your car right now :  My car doesn't have a cd or cassette deck.  My SUV had the "Soca Queen" in it, but Rick Sebak took it.
Current read:   Paintings of the Renaissance Period
Greatest accomplishment:  Today?... Not falling off a log
3 persons dead or alive you'd like to have dinner with:   Leonardo Da Vinci, King Tut and Kevin James
3 things that can always be found in your refrigerator:  Romano cheese, olives (with the pits), moldy stuff
First job: Polishing silverware items in a restaurant.  (I moved my way up to dishwasher)
Influences: The World.
What would you do if you hit the lottery:   Become a recluse.
Best piece of advice:   Don't take advice from anybody.
People would be surprised to know that:  I have no idea what I'm doing.
Sign:   Sagitarius
3 words that describe you best:  Man Vs. Wild
Favorite color:  That red color that happens at sunset.
Favorite hobby:  Civil War re-enacting
Favorite TV Shows:  Lost, 24, King of Queens, Cheers
Cars you'd like to have:  One that runs and won't break down every 2 months.
Favorite rule to live by:  Live Free or Die Tryin'


featured specials

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