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10 posts in 10 days – Deep Thoughts

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It’s Sunday and I’m officially half way through my 10 posts in 10 days.  Since it’s Sunday, and you probably skipped church, I thought I could give you some things to think about, reflect upon, and put into use.  Here are some Deep Thoughts:   It takes a big man to cry, but it takes […]

10 posts in 10 days – the best Sitcom of all time

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Sometimes our show is funny.  Of course my Mom tells me all the time we used to be a lot funnier than we are now.  Boom – roasted!  So that got me to thinking what are the funniest shows of all time?  And since I’m at blog post #4 of 10, I need to fill […]

10 posts in 10 days – I’m dying here

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Ok, so when I bragged about making 10 posts in 10 days, maybe I didn’t think it through.  I can get through to Monday but them I’m in trouble.   Perhaps you have questions, I can answer them like Dear Abby does.   Anyone?  Bueller…Bueller… So if you have any ideas, let your voice be heard now.  […]

10 posts in 10 days – Dave R’s office

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I’m sure most of you out there have normal offices at work.  Maybe you have a lot of awards or photos on your walls, loads of important papers waiting to be signed.  An in-box, and out-box, a stapler.  Well, my office here at QED is a little different. First off, my office is on the […]

10 posts in 10 days – Bobbleheads

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Here’s a question – where can you find Jesse Jackson standing next to Jesus?  Where can you find George Bush hanging out with Beethoven?  And where can you find Ulysses S. Grant posing with PA State Representative Tim Solobay?  Simple – on the shelf in my office. I collect bobblehead dolls.  I didn’t mean to, […]

10 Posts in 10 days – March Madness

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Since I’m calling 10 blog posts in 10 days my March madness, it only seems appropriate that the first post talk about the NCAA tournament that begins tomorrow.   It’s March and that can mean only one thing – potholes and the NCAA Tournament.  Ok, that’s two things but only one of those is enjoyable.  […]

A Very Nittany Christmas

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So there’s only a couple weeks left until Christmas and if you’re looking for the perfect gift, we’ve got it for you. A lot of you have asked about getting a DVD copy of “Pittsburgh N’at,” but unfortunately, right now it is not available on DVD.  But, we do have a delicious program on DVD […]

Pittsburgh N’at Shoot #3

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Okay it’s a truly ugly Pittsburgh day, dreary, rainy and gray so what better thing to do than interview a batch of Pittsburgh media icons for our “Pittsburgh N’at” show! First up, we drop into America’s original radio station, KDKA to chat with morning man Larry Richert.  Larry’s very well-known for his genuine nice-guy demeanor […]