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10 posts in 10 days – Dave R’s office

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I’m sure most of you out there have normal offices at work.  Maybe you have a lot of awards or photos on your walls, loads of important papers waiting to be signed.  An in-box, and out-box, a stapler.  Well, my office here at QED is a little different. First off, my office is on the […]

10 posts in 10 days – Bobbleheads

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Here’s a question – where can you find Jesse Jackson standing next to Jesus?  Where can you find George Bush hanging out with Beethoven?  And where can you find Ulysses S. Grant posing with PA State Representative Tim Solobay?  Simple – on the shelf in my office. I collect bobblehead dolls.  I didn’t mean to, […]

10 Posts in 10 Days

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Since we haven’t been shooting too much the past few months, our blog has become pretty barren.  Tomorrow, that will change.  I am planning on writing 10 new blog posts over the next 10 days.  Crazy?  Yes.  Do-able?  Maybe.   Can I find 10 things to talk about to make this happen?  Probably not.  Will the creativity […]


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So being named Dave is pretty common, especially at this TV station.  There was a time a few years ago that we had about 18 people named Dave who worked in this building.  In fact, there are still so many that I just go by my last name.  Hallewell goes by “H.”  Visitors to the station […]

10 Resolutions I Think I Can Keep This Year

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10.  Build an exact replica of Larry King’s TV set with a Light-Bright. 9.  Try to look tough while applying Chapstick. 8.  Invent something cool like cereal. 7.  Find out what the hell an ‘eminence front’ is. 6.  Never say “Me Three” after someone says “Me Too.” 5.  Punch anyone who uses the phrase, “outside […]

Makin My List… And Checkin It Twice

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Okay, so in the previous post, the other Dave made his big ‘ol list of favorite ‘Dave & Dave’ stories, and he’s expecting me to do the same.  I thought about them sure… but while doing so I just happened to be listening to Christmas music and it got me thinking… What are my favorite […]