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EAT PA 2 – Production Delay

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Dave & Dave have been called back to the home base in Pittsburgh to deal with some business that has halted production of EAT PA 2. We hope to be back on the road soon shooting the rest of the tasty food stops in the show and have it ready for you to see this […]

EAT PA 2 – Philly Trip Day 2

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Day 2 based in Philly took us north about 20 miles to Norristown.  You might not know this, but Norristown not only has an ambassador (who we met!), but they also have a proud sandwich tradition called the “Zep.” Our first stop for this local delicacy was Eve’s Lunch.  It’s one of those places that’s […]

Eat PA 2 – Philly Trip – Day 1

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Mostly a travel & recon day… day 1 went very smoothly.  Here are the highlights in pictures… Frank at the wheel… homemade scone in hand?  Whatever.  Frank invented a few words… and has no idea what “potable” means.  He thinks it is the same as “portable.”        Our home away from home… only […]

the “other” Hank’s in New Brighton

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So on a beautiful sunny Friday afternoon, we drove up Route 65 into Beaver County to visit the original Hank’s Frozen Custard in New Brighton.  There are a few differences between the two locations.  This location uses a newer machine to make the frozen custard, and you can’t really taste the difference.  But the big […]

Video from Hank’s in New Brighton

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Hank’s Frozen Custard

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Here’s a short video of our trip to Hank’s Frozen Custard in Conneaut Lake. Scroll down for a couple more blog posts about Hanks. – Dave R

Hank’s Frozen Custard – Conneaut Lake

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It was a beatiful sunny day as we wound our way up I79 to Conneaut Lake.  Why Conneaut?  For frozen custard of course.  Hanks’s has been churning out this delicacy since 1952 (not 1951 like Dave H would have you believe!).   So what is frozen custard?  Well, it is a lot like ice cream except […]