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Slot Car Racing?

Dave & Dave's Excellent Adventures| 1 Comment »

Always on the lookout for something interesting that we don’t know is happening right under our noses, Dave & I recently stopped by the A.B. Charles Hobby Shop in Mount Lebanon for… wait for it… slot car racing!? Okay, I’ll get to exactly what slot car racing is… but first, A.B. Charles.  The name itself […]

Dave R’s Top 10 Shoots

Behind the Scenes, Dave & Dave's Excellent Adventures| Comments Off

We’ve been shooting stories in and around Pittsburgh since 2000 and we now have over 175 shoots in the books.  We’ve turned those shoots into 32 half hour shows and 4 one-hour specials plus other misc. things.  Now that we’ve been at this a while, we get this question quite a bit; What is the […]

The jerseys

Behind the Scenes, Dave & Dave's Excellent Adventures| 5 Comments »

There are 2 questions that we get asked the most when we are out and about. #1 When the hell are you two going to make some new shows?  We actually hear this question quite a bit from OffQ and Black Horizons host Chris Moore.  He’s our biggest fan..although that may have something to do with the […]

Frank vs Gary Roberts

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Hopefully, you have seen the little box on the left side of our webpages called “Frank’s Corner.”  These are the pearls of wisdom from our cameraman Frank, that until recently, only we got to hear.  Now, the world has access to his brain. Frank has whole-heartily embraced his “box” and now provides quotes on an almost […]


Dave & Dave's Excellent Adventures| 5 Comments »

Dave & Dave recently had the honor of sitting down with Pittsburgh’s favorite pizza sons, Dom (pictured with Dave & Dave) and John Mineo to discuss their family business.  Let’s be real, whenever anyone brings up the topic of Pittsburgh pizza only a few names pop up and topping the list is always Mineos. Noticed […]

Sept 19 – Boyd & Blair Vodka Distillery

Dave & Dave's Excellent Adventures| 2 Comments »

Just like riding a bike, Dave & Dave got back on the horse and we had our first shoot for the upcoming season of WQED’s “OnQ.”  We heard about this new business in the area that was making vodka, so we just had to check it out.  If like us, a lot of you drive […]

Man Vs. Wild

Dave & Dave's Excellent Adventures| Comments Off

For those of you who might not know, Dave & Dave’s Emmy Award-winning cameraman, Frank Caloiero is quite the outdoor adventure maniac.  If the Olympics ever add “Freakout in the Forest” to their list of events, we have America’s gold medal candidate right here at WQED!  After a recent TV shoot for an upcoming Dave […]

New Shows Finally!

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Now that the WQED airwaves are about to emerge from a looooong pledge drive, Dave & Dave will be back at home, Saturday nights at 10:30 once again… and this time, we have 4 brand-spankin’ new episodes! *Saturday, June 28th it’s a few adventures you’ve already seen plus our first ever on-set guest, our friend […]