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Breaking the News on Facebook

Behind the Scenes| 2 Comments »

So by now you know that Dave & I host a TV show and that we have done a few 1 hour specials.  But what you probably don’t know is that we also write a weekly humor column for a handful of papers around the country.  It’s called “Breaking the News” and you can think of […]

Dave R’s Top 10 Shoots

Behind the Scenes, Dave & Dave's Excellent Adventures| Comments Off

We’ve been shooting stories in and around Pittsburgh since 2000 and we now have over 175 shoots in the books.  We’ve turned those shoots into 32 half hour shows and 4 one-hour specials plus other misc. things.  Now that we’ve been at this a while, we get this question quite a bit; What is the […]

The jerseys

Behind the Scenes, Dave & Dave's Excellent Adventures| 5 Comments »

There are 2 questions that we get asked the most when we are out and about. #1 When the hell are you two going to make some new shows?  We actually hear this question quite a bit from OffQ and Black Horizons host Chris Moore.  He’s our biggest fan..although that may have something to do with the […]

Pittsburgh N’at On the Tube!

Behind the Scenes, Pittsburgh N'at with Dave & Dave and Friends| 6 Comments »

Okay so “Pittsburgh N’at has finally aired… and we want to know what you think.  This show was a bit of a departure for us.  Usually in our programs we show you things you might not know about, but this time around we decided to go the Pittsburgh history route and really celebrate this place […]

This here blog

Behind the Scenes, Strange Pennsylvania, This Blog| 1 Comment »

Welcome to Dave & Dave’s very first attempt at blogging.  I know I used to blog a bit back in the 80’s but the doctor gave me a shot and I felt better than ever. This is going to be the place to learn more about us, our show, and what goes on when the […]